Small Industry Focused WH Alliance Recruiting Corps

Syndicate., a WH focused industrial alliance with additional operations in HS is looking for small but driven mining and/or industrial focused corporations looking to expand or move their operations into WH space or to simply join a group larger than the sum of its parts. We are looking for groups with a strong corporate identity they wish to maintain, along with active members who take EvE seriously - but not too seriously - to expand our presence and industrial output.

We offer the following resources to the right group(s):

  • Full sub-capital and industrial complexes in J-Space and HS
  • Moon ores in multiple systems
  • Access to WH gases and belt mining fleets
  • Rigged Reaction station
  • Discounted Barges, Exhumers, and Orcas
  • Discounted Jump Freighter services
  • Non-profit group with 0% alliance tax


There is much, much more, including an active and close-knit social community, an IRL-first philosophy, and a supportive environment for newer pilots. Come chat with us if you think this might be the place for your group - we look forward to speaking with you!

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