Looking to add smaller, focused corps to our Alliance


We are looking to add specialized, active, smaller laser focused corps to our growing alliance!

We live in a WH and have operations & friendships in various locations throughout EVE including NS/LS/HS…

If you are in an active group that specializes in PVP or INDY or MINING please reach out to us and lets discuss further.

We are looking for groups to compliment our community of close knit friends.

We are a no drama/ no politics group of mature players.

We are successful at what we do and we are looking for the same to join us.

Mostly we focus on having FUN in EVE where REAL LIFE comes first.

We use Discord for comms and do full ESI checks.


what class wh do you live in?

I’ve sent you a message in game. Cheers!



We have two small focused corporations on board with us! Proud to have these groups that have been playing EVE since 2004 on board.

We are selectively reviewing all corp applications so we look forward to hearing from you!

We are a NPSI group that has the resources and knowledge to print ISK in various activities throughout EVE.

We have a lot of experienced pilots to learn from & have great relationships with groups throughout EVE.

We are a mature group with solid leadership and great communication. Even though we are 140+ members, we know everyone by their name when they are in comms so, this is a perfect place to be a “somebody” versus just a line member/number.

Have fun, play the game you want when you want with no drama, no politics! Inclusive to everyone.



We have been very successful recruiting new members that are either a) returning to the game or b) have left the politics and “work” of NS life to happily join us.

We are approaching 250 members & are very active in small gang PVP and NPSI fleets.

We are now ready to bring on board an additional smaller focused corporation, that would like more actives to fly with and possibly learn more about making ISK in EVE.

Yes, we have turned some PVP’ers into industrialists and some Industrialists into PVP’ers. More importantly our alliance is a place you can comfortably call your home.

If you are interested please contact me in game.



We welcome a new corp joining us today :slight_smile: We are still open for recruiting smaller focused groups.

If are a looking for a group that treats its members right, run by mature, professional leadership that play EVE for fun while enjoying not being part of any politics, please reach out!



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