[FTS] From the Sewers - Recruiting Corps & Pilots to join our Alliance

Welcome to, From the Sewers!

We are recruiting Corporations & Pilots looking to join an Alliance in EVE

Who we are & What we do?

  • We are an independent Alliance that has relationships throughout EVE.

  • We live in a WH and enjoy both PVP and PVE activities.

  • We do Black Ops fleets, NPSI fleets and go on small gang roams w/ friends

  • We teach F1 players how to make & compound ISK through PVE!

  • We are not involved in any NS Politics.

Why join us?

  • We have mature leadership, experienced pilots & most importantly we are a close knit group that works together on strategic initiatives.

  • We are a Real life first alliance, there are no mandatory requirements to be part of our team outside of maintaining good communication.

  • We offer freedom to do whatever it is you like in EVE.

How to reach us?

Join our Discord!

We look forward to hearing for you!


I have been playing eve sense 2006 and always enjoyed rolling with a smaller tight knit group. i have flown with large coalitions and tiny 5 man corps. this corp has been the best experience i have had in eve. Eve has always been about who you are flying with and these guys drive it home.

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  • Small PVP corporations

  • Returning Veteran pilots

  • Pilots looking for a positive change in EVE

We also offer:

  • 100% SRP on all fleets

  • Thanks to our generous community, we have just launched a program that will help bridge the price increase announced by CCP so all active pilots in our alliance will be kept whole with the current cost of playing EVE on a monthly basis.

Please come check us out!


+2 new members joined today!

Please reach out if you have any questions!


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