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(Qing Wen Li) #1

We are a corp composed of 5 members. We’d like to get into nullsec or wormhole space and do some pvp stuff, but we want to keep ourselves as a corp. Are there any alliances out there that would be interested in recruiting a few more folks for their pvp fleet?

(BearThatCares) #2

Most groups will have you merge or rent. Try and get up to 20 active players first.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #3

For small gang work I’d recommend WHs, but you’d probably need to join a parent corp as we’re generally a suspicious bunch.

(Doctor Siwalin) #4

Lets talk in-game now

(Qing Wen Li) #5

We are also open to joining a wormhole alliance. Our corp is composed of irl friends, so it is not going to grow really. But, we’re active, and we are down for pvp, so if that is something an alliance is looking for, that is what we can offer.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #6

Have a chat with our recruiter, Cyrus Kurush. We may be able to offer what you are loking for, along with other areas you may not have considered.

(Kiven Foster) #7

For wormhole, you’d either have to share BMs everyday if you live in the same wh as your alliance or you’d just do OP or protect each other during an Eviction which is kinda rare.

For wormhole, you might enjoy being 5 but at some point, you’ll have content where you just get blobed and it’s no fun.

If ,after a few days, you change your mind and you’re willing to join a corporation, feel free to contact me. If you want more informations about the reasons why it’s “simpler” to merge, I’ll be on most of the day.

If not, then, I wish you all the best of luck and hopefully, you’ll come live in Wormhole Space to praise Bob and have fun fighting people just for the pleasure of doing so .

(C0ATL) #8

I respect IRL friend corps such as yours, so lets have a convo.
Have a read and if you like what you see, contact us ingame :slight_smile:

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #9

Agreed, This is what I was getting at before, but couldn’t type due to a 2 year old using me as a bed :smiley:

OP, I suggest doing some research, chat to a few groups. Hopefully we’ll meet in WH space, one way or another.

(Qing Wen Li) #10

Yeah, if we can’t find an alliance to join, we are probably just going to try and set up shop in a wormhole somewhere, cause living in wormhole space sounds pretty boss. Working towards getting strong enough we can farm the sites comfortably.

(Kiven Foster) #11

If you’re all new to eve, I’d advise a c2 with c3/hs. It’s good for making isk, small pvp gang and logistic.

(Hawkeye MacBeth) #12

Hey there, I know you’ve said that you want to stay as is as a corp but … If you would be willing to merge I think we’d be a good fit for you. We are a small corp (about 75 toons) but belong to Initiative Mercs… and there is shed loads of pvp to be had. We are also a pretty laid back bunch too.

Anyhow, I totally get you wanting to keep your corp and all. But if you would consider a merge give us a wave in ORCO. (don’t forget the .)


(Im Lean) #13


If you can’t find what you’re looking for and decide to join another Corp (I know you’d like to keep your Corp, just some times it doesn’t happen)
Come join For all things eve, we have space for every thing, part of alliance and coalition so we have great respsone fleets if you get into trouble.

Again I know you which to keep your Corp but if matters change come and open our door

(Lord Seth) #14

Lets speak ASAP!

(Qing Wen Li) #15

Thanks to everyone who offered advise and sent us an offer. We found an alliance however, so we are no longer looking. Hope we all meet again in the future.

(system) #16

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