Casual Wormhole Corporation - Looking For Alliance

My corp setup shop in a C3 last month and we’ve really been loving the content out here in J-Space. We’re a small group of mostly RL friends several of which got into the game recently. We’re looking to join up with an existing wormhole alliance for a little extra security in numbers and hopefully some cool people to chat with.

We’re mostly PVE focused but we will jump into a fight if the opportunity presents itself and we’re always happy to contribute to the defense of friendlies when possible. We enjoy doing industry too and are happy to help with any larger projects the alliance may have.

If it sounds like our little corp would be a good fit for your alliance please feel free to reach out to me directly in-game. Otherwise, fly safe out there friends o7


Greetings and salutations

plz let me introduce you to our alliance we are loking for corperations to join rather a wh corp or a hisec corp all are welcome

plz take a look add our website

and i hope to see you on or discord for more info Discord: Toxic Shockwave

greetings Evilsummit



I am looking to join some corporation, would you take me in?
I am spending very little time in EvE, want to try ratting in a wormhole.
Does anyone in your corporation rat, and is there any help if he is attacked? :rofl:

Hey Yuuki,

We are not recruiting at the moment, best of luck though!

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