Looking for a home in C3 wormhole


I am looking for a home in C3 wormhole. My aim is try ratting and planetary interaction.
Does not matter what kind of corporation it is, if they are pvp-ers, or wormhole of some hisec corporation.
I just want to try do some wormhole ratting.

I am hardcore hisec carebear, most exciting content is flying delivery missions for NPC corporation.
I am not pvp-er, but do not mind hang around some.
50million skill points.
I am looking for a corporation to join here on the forums for half a year, no success so far.
Please do not post other advertisement in this topic, I know all of them in the last half a year.

Maybe this advert may seem strange, but have not luck joining any corp. The recruiters of wormhole corporations here on the forum are either not online, or are online and afk the whole time.
Another issue is, I am not sure how the background check works. It seems strange if the questionnaire of a wormhole alliance automatically puts on the questionnaire your registration account name, and asks if you are ok with sending this information as part of it, as it did for me. I did not press send, of course.
Wanted ti join the Imperium, but not after I checked their taxis. Tax the rich, not the poor, my advice.

You can write the name of the person I should contact in the game here. I will send a mail.
Just want to repeat, more or less this is a test, never did live really before in WH space or nullsec.
Maybe it will not be for me.
What is important, it should be a C3 wormhole, I tested it on the test server, cannot do anything in the higher ones :rofl:

Thank you and hope cya soon.

I understand with joining anything in Eve these days :sweat_smile: I joined Goons for a week and left yesterday. You get asked more questions than a job interview. :sweat_smile: Then the corp/alliance claims its fun loving and friendly with Taxes at 15-20% must respond to daily pings and join 3 alliance fleets a month… Hell i would join more but puts yourself off the idea with the you must! You must! lol. Do not tell them if you have alts, it will take you hours uploading and filling applications out with some of these nutters. Corps and alliances think they can stop spys, but good spys cant be stopped. Plonkers they make it harder for genuine players that want to join and help. No trust with them all unless your part of the old yellow group.

Eve wants to make the game less solo over the last decade - but you cant have fun in some of these alliances. You might as well get another real life job,

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