[USTZ] C3 wormhole corp looking for like-minded capsuleers

Hello there, https://giphy.com/gifs/mrw-top-escalator-Nx0rz3jtxtEre

Here is a breakdown on what we are about,

  1. Small group of risk taking individuals. We see a fight we take it. (At least that’s what I think we are.)
  2. Although we do have doctrines we do not enforce them for the most part. Kitchen-sink master-race.
  3. Solo/Small gang content- We occasionally go on filament roams. Our wormhole also has a low-sec static so Plenty of content to be had.
  4. C3 pulsar wormhole with a low-sec static- We mostly use shield ships due to the fact that it is a pulsar wormhole. logistics is fairly easy because of the known static. Good bunch of planets for PI.
  5. We also Bash Abandoned structures whenever we find them.
  6. Real Life > Eve for obvious reasons. We do stay in touch through discord.
  7. Since we are a small group of people, we all know each other so getting on coms and communicating is important for a good experience.

Here is what we are looking for,

  1. 2-3 more like minded pilots who are not afraid of losing ships. We like to go on Welp fleets where losing a ship is common.
  2. Must have discord and a Mic.
  3. Must enjoy scanning and hunting content- Scanning is an integral part of wormhole life.
  4. Self Sufficient on ISK- Self Explanatory. We can teach you, if you do not know how.

Kill-boards- https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98412552/

, https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98530505/ (we don’t really care about this)

Discord- https://discord.gg/uAVDrjS

Hope to see you soon o7


Recruitment is still open

Still looking for 2 more capsuleers

hopped into discord, know its early just on my lunch maybe hit me up when someones around.

Still looking for 2 more pilots before closing recruitment


Blue da be da be doo

I am kinda sad that no one has responded with a general Kenobi gif.