C2 wormhole corp is looking for a few more

SUB Inc Is a wormhole corporation that decided to help newbros dive into the rabbit hole. Everything we have done, is to further that goal. We live in a C2 wormhole with a C3 and a Highsec static.
We chose this wormhole for the planets it has available. As well as the ease of sites for the newbros via the C2. The C3 for the fleet or higher SP players and the Highsec connection for easy store runs.
We can show you the ropes of wormhole space. We have ship fits, and skill plans that will get you up to speed quickly. Higher SP players have plenty of content available as well.
Out here, many hands makes light work. A few low SP players together can do more than you think.
On the PVP side of things, there many players that will be able to find/secure kills. A kill of the day prize and war-games.

A few things we can offer

:warning:Voice communication

:warning: PVP content and ambushes (Roams suck - 50 players 50 jumps to blap a tristan… yay.)

:warning:Full boosts, mining and combat

:warning: Fortizar and industry citadels.

:warning: Easy access to the store (Sell that loot!)

:warning:Ship and skill plans for new players that maximize time vs effectiveness (Allows for new players to jump right in with little training.)

:warning: Casual game-play with mature players. (RL comes first)

:warning:Ship replacement Program and resource buy back

Mindset & goals: We like to think of SUB Inc. as a school. We hang out on Discord, talk about eve mechanics, politics, practices and fits. We have set up moon mining, and take out combat fleets modeled after the incursion fleets. Ship fits and skill plans will ensure that you have everything you need.

Join the “SUB communications” channel in game, or send me a mail if you would like to talk further. Thanls for taking the time to read this.

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Tell my friend Bo hellow. :slight_smile:











You might want to change your title: It says C2, but you seem to live in a C4.

Hey thanks! we just moved.




Still recruiting ?

Yes sir. Mail has been sent!