C2 WH Corp looking to expand - PVP/Indy/Explore (Also, this is really just a diary about girls and stuff I update to ensure it isn't just the word "BUMP")

*** April Edit ***

Pippinthehobbit (IGN) is also helping with Corp recruitment so annoy the sh*t out of him too :slight_smile:

Yes, there is another girl this month… a French pole dancing instructor so gooooooooooooooooood luck trying to get a response form me :slight_smile: (naa, I need something to do between all the furious (albeit quick) love-making… what!? I don’t lie to them “short and sweet” is how I describe my love-making… and penis…actually I describe both of them as just short.

Anyway, we are a C2 (HS/C4 Static) Wormhole Corp looking to expand.

We are pretty chilled out and a friendly group (I think) and just here to shoot the s%it, shoot at s%it, and generally get s%it-faced :slight_smile:

While as a Corp we are finding our feet, our members are typically 70M+ SP, the majority of us playing regularly for well over a year but we are happy to take newer players provided you can fly some ships (we will provide when needed) for things like home defense.
Our interests include;

  • PVP (anywhere but mostly WH & LS with good SRP);

  • Industry/Manufacturing/Researching/ (we have facilities in J/K Space to facilitate this);

  • PVE (if you want. We normally try to facilitate PVE by having a defense PVP fleet nearby); and

  • Moon mining (when it lands)

  • Solid SRP

  • Small floating city in our C2 (ALLLLL the structures!)

No minimum ISK requirements, no tax (correct at time of print :wink: ), no mandatory ops, just a bunch of players looking to expand.

We also have monthly prizes given out to the tune of 500M per award (I think there are about 4 and now I have actually won one (ahem, most ISK destroyed no less)), can confirm there are 4 prizes.

We host our own Tripwire (so none of our details or whereabouts are leaked to sneaky secret squirrel types) as well as our own TS3 server. SLACK is our primary tool for communicating, sharing fits, boasting about how drunk we were the night before (mainly me and Bails) or generally talking s**t.

If you want to know more, convo SSjGhost ingame or join the recruitment channel “VE Recruitment”. I would suggest PMing me though as I will absolutely reply to those but may not always be on in the game to respond to recruitment chat.

FD all

So I guess here begins the long process of having a conversation with myself in order to make these bumps “full sentences” and not just the word “BUMP”.

Well, Hi me… not too lonely yet as its only just been a few days… I can imagine this conversation with yourself will look very different @day 30…

Anyway… Recruitment is still open o7

“Oh! Hey me… fancy that!”
“Yes other me, I am here again to let the boys and girls of New Eden know that after only 2/3 days open recruitment, we are still open… obviously and I’m here for the “BUMP” which has to be a full sentence.”
“Oh man me, that’s going to get really annoying having to post here just to bump the post!”
“Yes it is other me… yes it is.”

“Hey me. Another lonely conversation hey?”
“Yup. Seems that way. Which is criminal as recruitment is still open.”
“Well that’s good to know. I guess?”

I really thought I could carry that little skit on past a few days but it bores me already.
Recruitment is obviously still open :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity… Why HS/C4 if you PvP in WH and low sec? Why not C2/LS ?

Most of the LS stuff is done with the other Corp and is where they do most of their stuff.
We typically stay in our C2 and rage roll the C4 or go diving. We had other holes but were over-extended and lost them… a C5 if I remember but it was before I joined.

Another day… another bump.
Seems like it’s working though as I am having more conversations with actual people and not just myself in here… still… I always come crawling back to the loneliness of the forum…

Recruitment still open :slight_smile:


Well, today wasn’t a great day other me; Work was crap, the ride home saw me get a puncture and push the bike 2 miles and then I come back to find no recruitment questions (although if I am honest, I have kinda got used to the last one!).

Recruitment still open peeps


Well I never. A new recruit! This forum actually works!

“Who knew…” *shakes head while walking off… “Who knew…?”

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Maybe I spoke too soon as they are yet to accept the invite…
“Was I too forward? Did I say the right things? Was I too personal? Was it the dress I wore? It was probably the dress… it only covers the nipples :frowning:”

Who knows? What I do know is recruitment is still open and hopefully, if any of you lovely people apply to Corp, I can stop having to type sometime before the New Year… I doubt it though.

Anyway, “Call me!?” :wink:


So, new recruit recruited… turns out this does work.

Still open :slight_smile:

Again, in the interest of bumping this thread without just using the word “bump”, Ill tell you about someone I discovered today… Azzy or “Azzyland”. A youtuber who I decided immediately was the most beautiful female in the world and so binge watched a load of her videos.
Content is meh but she did say “Woah… Charlieeeee” when she saw a rainbow coloured parachute so points scored there.
Then I think she has boyforend so I came here to bump post.

Consider this a full sentence “bump” post.

Well, another lazy Sunday recovering from the beautiful poison I decided to pump my body with over the last two days.
Office Christmas party was mental.
Anyway, recruitment is still open and I need some “hair of the dog” action so… pub?

Weather was shocking today (yes I have turned this into a diary now) so worked from home. No-one should have to go to work in these arctic conditions.
On a plus side though, I am now talking with a girl I met on Tinder… she seems nice and maybe a keeper… if I actually meet her… it is only day 1 after all.
Feel free to ask me about her… or recruitment actually, that’s still open!


So… she hasn’t replied to my message… is it too soon to text again asking why the f*** she hasn’t text back the stupid b****! I mean come on! It’s been over 14 hours!

Naa, youre right… that’s probably a bit strong… Ill give her another 15 mins.

Recruitment still open btw :slight_smile:

Recruitment still open?

we are indeed… but as I’m typing this (even after we spoke) I’m doing so so others don’t think i ignore replies :wink:

Hope you got sorted with the other corps o7

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Another day, another… um… “stuff?”

In other news, I am thinking of putting together an eve-wide event. reddit post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/7jl3xa/idea_for_new_edenwide_event_and_keen_to_gauge/

Recruitment still open :slight_smile:

Also, she still hasn’t text back yet… Im thinking one more day then I go in with the whole “needy/desperate” approach.
Good idea? Yeah, I think so, that will show her how cool I am for sure :slight_smile:

So, after the whole trust issue, seems people are interested: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/7jl3xa/idea_for_new_edenwide_event_and_keen_to_gauge/

Also in other news, this is a â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  tune: https://youtu.be/Ai3Ay9A7WqM

Also Also in other news: Recruitment still open.

Finally also: I text her… no response (WTF! Im totally an 11!)