It's back baby (as in this time it really is.... I'm now single :):):):) )

OK, time to refresh this bad boy (01/11/2018).

I had a previous thread which can be found here: C2 WH Corp looking to expand - PVP/Indy/Explore (Also, this is really just a diary about girls and stuff I update to ensure it isn't just the word "BUMP") but you can ignore that unless you want a laugh I guess.

The purpose of this thread (now I am single again) is primarily to spam corp recruitment bumps without using just the word “bump”. This is because doing so is against forum rules so what you will actually get is a running diary of my Tinder dates (probably with photos).

With regard to Crop (the reason I imagine most are here), we are a small C2 WH corp with (what I think) are a really decent bunch of people. Most of us are Ex WDS who wanted to actually live in J-Space. We still fly with them every now and again (when we are allowed (lol!)) but aren’t too hung up on it and want to grow the corp.

Ill be honest, this corp (as it stands) is a great corp for you if:

  • You want to live in a low-class WH with HS and C4 static;
  • Want really great support with a very “socialist” attitude to how you play (do what you want basically);
  • Solid SRP (As it stands, I think full T2 as per zkill (for doctrine and personal fits), full members get full Faction and Officer/Deadspace are decided by the FC);
  • You want to make a difference in a Corp - We are nowhere big enough for your voice to be lost in the ether and I genuinely think every member who suggests or has an opinion is heard.

We will not suit you if you want:

  • Full on PvP, girl on Girl, “balls to the wall” action… we just aren’t there yet;
  • Racism;
  • Your GF to be safe from SSjGhost.

We have a “floating city” of things to interest your alts with whatever the ■■■■ they get up to but if I am honest, I want people who will actually be on and actually go and shoot stuff.

Send SSjGhost a PM if you are interested in joining corp or have an unsatisfied GF i can show the real meaning of the word “unsatisfied”.


So, another “this is not just the word BUMP bump”.
Had someone withdraw an application which is strange as I normally have to talk with them before that happens…

Not much going on except decorating house with the GF… which basically means I am decorating on my own while she does roughly ■■■■ all and watches the TV propped up against a wall!

Got some mates coming up tomorrow for a messy one which again, will be interesting as they will be sleeping on inflatable beds in among a ■■■■ ton of boxes… ■■■■ em.

All day drinking Friday
Joshua fight Sat.
Sunday probably just smoking and trying not to feel the pain.


Yes this is still open.
I have actually come to realise that without Tinder, this thread is actually quite boring… I mean, I could talk about work and allegations of a 50+ year old woman asking another member of staff when they were going to c*m on her face… ewww… but still unproven and actually doesn’t look like it will be… so pretty pointless mentioning it I guess.

I have also not been able to play on account of seeding a WH in the crappies WH ship known to man… the mighty Mammoth… yeah. Can’t wait until the wkend!

Well… what a weekend.

So, my mates turn up and on the face of it, are entirely respectful and proper… until we start drinking.
Now, I mentioned we were decorating so I am not sure if it was the fact my mates (1 x girl and 1 x guy) are ■■■■■■■ retards or the fact they thought the house looked like a bomb site but by the end of the visit, my GF is going mental!
Now, this is the first time she has seen us together and these two are totally my fam but, I kiiiiiiiiiiiinda see it from her side.

1 x Walk-in wardrobe door;
2 x £30 handmade plates;
1 x crystal wine glass
1 x Shure earphones (actually in a pint of beer)
1 x Polo towel missing
1 x Polo towel covered in ■■■■ by virtue of the fact my mates decided, at 03:00 to swim across the Thames (Iive on an island in the Thames).

So… “win”?

Anyway, recruitment still open if you wanna roll with the dopest BF evar…


Thank you to whoever sent me a PM about my previous recruitment thread… i fear I may not be able to live up to the title upon which you bestowed but I will try… a bit.

Look, basically, our corp is dead… well actually, that’s unfair, it isn’t but it seems people have “better things to do” like go and get on with the rest of their lives… fine.
However, I want to do stuff so a few of us went to bash a LP structure in ships several times the value of the structure… each… + pods. We were all in Sleip’s and I think the highest was a 5.8B HG Crystal + full faction/Deadspace fit Sleip but that was our CEO and frankly, when we all talk about “hey guys! I’m about to hit 100m SP!” he says, yeah, may 343rd alt hit that last week… twat.

Anyway, we are a decent bunch of blah blah what do you care? We have an awesome SRP, floating city in a C2 geared for basically whatever you want and me, the first pilot in New Eden you didn’t know you didn’t care about living without.

Please join us…


So… huge Archer fan, shut-up, and although I’ve known about it for a while, only just spotted Season 9 on Netflix.

So I obviously convince my GF that watching it is the best use of our Sunday night and on watching, ask her who she thinks she would be… (obviously I’m Archer).
At the point in the show, Sterling, Pam, Krieger (the parrot), Malory and Cheryl had been introduced and she responded with “The Parrot”.

I asked her if she was happy being a mad scientist that was also a clone of Hitler (props for probably being the first recruitment thread to name-check Hitler…) and she said she found him funny.

I asked her if she wasn’t more like… um… what’s her name?
At this point, it’s probably been over a year since I watched the show but I genuinely had a mind-block and couldn’t remember her name so I asked my GF, who has never watched the show before… “You know… the girl! Sterling’s love thing!”

My GF, in her typical French way looked at me and said, “Look at your shirt baby”

… Yeah…

Also though, I feel I have to point this out. In Eps 2 Sterling mentions, among “dangers of the jungle”, some poisonous frogs and snakes…
Actually, and I know he was landing a broken plane at the time… but you meant “venomous” frogs and snakes… poisonous animals are only a problem if you intend on eating them… “Boop!”

Recruitment open.

Now… far be it for me to moan about EvE and the decisions CCP make but I’m going to this time…

Normally I’m pretty fatalistic about buffs, nerfs and balances and am kinda of the opinion that what will change will change and the player base will adapt but I really don’t see a way of adapting to this balance… especially when I have spent the last few months on a skill plan skilling all the bits and bobs to V.

I am ofc talking about the ECM balance.

Maybe for big fights it will work but for small gang, this is how it currently goes:

Fight starts.
Falcon de-cloaks
Every member of Fleet B primary the Falcon.
Jams land.
Fleet A wipes the floor with Fleet B
Sometimes jams don’t land and Fleet B have a small glimmer of hope.
Remaining members of Fleet B realise it’s too late.
Fight end.

What will happen if jammed ships can still target the falcon:

Fight starts.
Falcon de-cloaks
Every member of Fleet B primary the Falcon.
Jams land.
Every member in Fleet B still primaries the Falcon.
Falcon dies a pointless death accomplishing nothing except acting as a paper-thin hull tank for the rest of Fleet A.
Fight continues as if Falcon never there.

I’m not saying jams are not OP… they clearly are a bit but don’t launch the balance pendulum the other way with the force of 1000 suns in the hope of finding the middle!?

“Can we use range to our advantage?” Maybe
“Can we abuse turret tracking?” Maybe

Surely , to balance the jams, you just knock the strength of the jams down a few points taking the chance of jamming from >80% to nearer 60% or something like that and tweak it from there based on player feedback? That’s a balance. Not making the only defense a Falcon had redundant…

Still… I reckon there will be some cheap Falcon/Rook hulls in Jita soon so if CCP realise this is a silly way of balancing… might be able to turn a tidy profit… along with all the SP I’ll extract :frowning:

Anyway, enough of using recruitment as my personal sound-board. I can’t complain about CCP one little bit.

I submitted a ticket to change my character name from SsjGhost to SSjGhost as I’ve been playing 10 years and every time I log in it pisses me off I didn’t capitalise the second “S”.

Well they only bloody did it!



OK, so maybe I was a bit harsh (or maybe the lazy bastards saw this post) and almost instantly, Corp activity picked up.

In any case, my GF said she bought me some eve gifts… actually… there is content here… I’ll drip feed it.

So, I wont tell you about the gifts above but instead will tell you about the first EvE gift my GF got me.

She doesn’t want to play the game but if she did, to reflect her RL status, she would, 100% be Amarr… I am a through and through Minmatar to the point of being a bit of a meme in Corp to, when members ■■■■ on the Minmatar race, to solely direct that “joke” at me… ■■■■ 'em.

This is the first gift she bought me. Hand made, sterling silver and this is just the tip of the iceberg…

And it’s gets worse… I also have 2 limited edition EvE books, a hand-made tie pin of my favourite ship and now, more EvE t-shirts than normal t-shirts… oh, and some custom Converse trainers branded with the Minmatar logo and “SSjGhost” down the side…

Corp Recruitment Still Open!


So… after an evening of ECM chat (ergh) we are still open and I am sill super cool.

Join us…



So, having given up on discussing the EWAR changes, I got drunk and the validity of my arguments just fell from there really.

Still, super glad I have now emailed my work address my password so I can update this post at work! Yaaay!

Do I have anything interesting to tell you though… well, not really…

We had some drinks after work on Thursday which are our monthly drinks trolley drinks though and… Oh SNAP! I do have something to tell you… twice! (sorry, I type as I think…

So, a couple of us are sat round the table having a few beers and snacks in the office when one of the guys shows me a toy stuffed rat…

As you can see, the rat is clearly fake and a few of us were talking about whether if people saw it they would freak out.
I didn’t think so but it is also worth pointing out our floor has a slight problem with mice so there is an added element of “potential”.
Anyway, one guy sticks it in a bag of crisps and turning it round insists that someone would freak out. Some of us agreed, others didn’t, he put the bag down and we continued
The rest of the evening was as to be expected, me being the last person drinking and I packed up a few bottles leaving the rest on the table.

The next day, I’m sat there working, minding my own business when all you can hear through out the office (which sits about 100 people) is the most gut-wrenching scream followed by some of the more epic swearwords from the English language and then very heavy footsteps as a woman comes running past my desk, down to the other end of the office and starts crying.

Shocked and confused, I have no idea what happened to head in the direction of where the woman ran only to find my mate, pissing himself and clearly pleased with his latest prank who then very smugly looks and ,e and says “See Ben, told you someone would ■■■■ themselves!”

Realising what happened I obviously piss myself too but then best bit was when it all calmed down and the woman is having a go at my mate about the prank.
He apologised obviously but I can’t help but feel some of the sincerity of the apology was lost due to the fact every time he tried to speak he ended up laughing in her face… legend.

The other story was how my GF got really pissed off at me because I “went for a drink with some colleagues after work” and didn’t get home until about 02:00.
It was a strange one though… started off in the “after-work local”, met some Americans who were here for an American Football game, I told them about this bar that was waaaay more lively… a few drinks later, me and my workmate are bundled into the back of their people carrier and heading to central London.
They then just park up somewhere and we get out and start hitting bars.
I end up with more than alcohol in my bloodstream, arranging to meet up with them another night and introducing them to a group of girls I “knew” only because I had seen them outside when having a ■■■…(EDIT in Footnote) they liked the yank accent though and the guys were happy it wasn’t a sausage-fest anymore.

Good times.

Recruitment open.


Edit: F4G is a UK slang term for cigarette… :confused:

OK Bitches! I’M BACK!!!

Genuinely didn’t think I would be able to turn this thread into the great entity it used to be but… I’M FOOKIN SINGLE!!!

Broke up a few weekends ago and if I am honest, it was the most amicable break up ever… it went like this (over text!):

Her: I’m not happy any more and think we shouldn’t be together.
Me: I agree, we annoy each other. Let be adults about it though?
Her: Agreed, I’ll see you at home and we can talk then?
Me: Cool

*Later that night at home:

Her: So, you can have the spare room until we work out what we are gonna do with living arrangements?
Me: Sounds good.
Her: OK. I’m off out. What are you doing this wkend?
Me: Probably go to Bournemouth now.
Her: Cool. Laters.
Me: Laters.

This means I can turn this thread back into my Tinder diary and boy, have I got a hottie to start off with!

So, I am working in Manchester and match with this absolute cutie (need to add, I was there for one night).
Don’t actually meet her but we get talking in Whatsapp and… well, I’ll let you lot be the judge but I think she’s pretty smoking… so much so that I sack of the other matches just to talk with her.
(By the way, I am not DOXing… these are public photos available to anyone. I have removed their names but even those are public so…).

Anyway… not only did I manage that but I need to work in Birmingham in the next few weeks and I’ve only managed to tie it in with a Lauren Hill gig I’m going to so while working, get to stay in a paid for hotel, with zero travel, and one of my evenings is sorted watching the Hill!

Oh… recruitment is obviously open losers. PM me :slight_smile:

Well, another day and another way to shoot myself in the foot (this is a good one!)!

So… the girl above and I are chatting away in whatsapp and the conversation turns to one of a flirty nature.
We discus things such as me being a murderer and just wanting to get into her flat (suggesting that is absolutely where we end up when I meet her :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:) and that she could defend herself and would beat me in fight.

Obviously I repond straight away by challenging her to a duel (I spelt it wrong in the message) to which she corrects me and tells me she meant a “pillow” or “tickle” fight.

This is all very cute so I decide to mention what would happen if we had a “sex” fight then, realising how stupid that sounded, asked if you could even have a “sex fight”?
She informs me that we absolutely could and she would prove it to me.

With that, I tell her I will hold her to that and take a screenshot on my phone to prove I will be keeping the convo for my records.

See below screenshots:

Now, as most of you will have noticed, I actually sent the screenshot to her, failing to realise my mistake… my background image.
She obviously asks why I have pictures of girls as my background image and I answer in the only way I can…


Recruitment still open!

Nothing too exciting today…

The hot girl decided it appropriate to send me a pic of her boobs which I would totally share if I hadn’t already shared a pic as the one she sent was defo not in the public domain.

In EvE news, Im really keen to get the corp numbers up so will update the MOTD as I think that is probably a bit out of date.

We do want more people to join and get involved with our great community (and you also get to see many more of my random updates in our SLACk channel!) but apart form that, we are a pretty decent bunch (again, apart from me).

Recruitment open.


Well, it’s Friday night and due to me wanting a promotion to a position where I earn more money for doing the same ■■■■■■■ job I’m doing now anyway… I’m not doing ■■■■.

I mean, I’m chatting with “Cutie McBigBoobs” but that’t it and I don’t think she wants to play EvE let alone join our Corp…

Please Join our Corp.


Right, so tonight I have found a new love of watching Queen reaction videos…
Obviously being from the UK means I made it to about age 6 (?) before I knew several Queen tunes and I would love to go back and hear tracks like “The Show Must Go On” or “Bohemian Rhapsody” for the first time… DAMN!

BTW, if you watch a UK YouTuber react to Queen for “the first time”… they are talking ■■■■! Everyone in the UK knows who Queen are.

Still… Im thinking about doing my own reaction video but obviously, as I know who Queen are (presumably because I haven’t lived under a ■■■■■■■ rock for a billion years…) then I think the only way to do it is drunk?

I’m not a YouTuber so please don’t think I’m wh0ring on likes or whatever but I think that’s the only way to do a YT vid.

Anyway, I have to go to Edinburgh tomorrow for some award thing with work… it’s BS but a good excuse for a piss up :slight_smile:
Recruitment is ofc open people so don’t be shy you lazy or uninterested bastards!


Right, been a while but whatever.

Only reason I’m here tonight is because I saw this:

Which to me, looks totally like a ■■■■■■■ StarCraft (star citizen… edit), bullsh1t promo… not happy CCP.

In any case, meeting the Manc girl on Sunday so hopefully get to see her b…rain? Naa, I want to see her boobs.
Spent the week in Birmingham which was also BS, wet and dark… so 2 parts like a… nope… not going there.

Recruitment is open so just PM if interested.
We recently had a former corp mate “■■■■ us over” by stealing a load of assets in the “anyone can take this ■■■■ because we don’t care” hanger…

Edit: lol, found out it likely wasnt him… so um… “lol”?

Hopefully most of that will be censored :slight_smile:


You will be hard pressed to find a better group of wormhole pilots to hang out with. The leadership truly cares about its members…and have fairly deep pockets if I remember correctly. :slight_smile:


I had the best reply to this… but was told I couldn’t.

FD Buddy o7

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