Recruiting is Open

New Teamspeak is up!

Come say hello and speak to a recruiter!

Come undock and join the fun


Come Play :slight_smile:

Shooting in a WH near you!

Accepting bros who wanna pew


Looking for active pilots in all time zones

This sounds interesting

wspace is best space

Accepting all tz recruits

My experience in this corp have been amazing! I joined after a year long break away from the game and felt overwhelmed getting back into the swing of wormhole living. They have been very laid back, helpful and newbie friendly!
With other corps in the past I’ve also felt a bit useless and lost due to the size of the corp often feeling like just a number or getting in the way. I’ve never once felt like that in FARCY. It’s a new corp but I’ve been fortunate enough to see it grow steadily with its success. Just the other day we were able to anchor our first Fortizar and Azbel.
Not only that but FARCY is also becomming active across all timezones now (great US & EU and a couple of AU now). Even in off-peak hours there are people in comms to hang out with and create content with. During peak hours we often get some great organised op’s too - but never mandatory. Corp too chill for that forced stuff :sunglasses:
I’d reccomend FARCY to anyone who wants to join a corp and actually make a difference aswell as a few friends along the way.

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bump. daily content

Good fights to be had!

Rolled into these guys today, they “repositioned” by docking right back up in their Fortizar. Sadly can’t recommend.

Actually we repositioned our kitey shield fleet 100km off the hole and your heavy armor fleet didn’t like that so your fleet “repositioned” itself by running home. Nice classy salt though 10/10 :smiley:

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Was with them for nearly a month, can confirm we did this regularly(both docking up and reshipping to kitey stuff, but mostly docking up). They also get incredibly sour over jokes.

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