Sub Inc. - A Wormhole corporation. [USTZ C5]

SUB Inc. is a C5 wormhole corporation. We have opened recruitment and are looking for pilots interested in joining wormhole space.
We are a laid back group that likes to talk about the Eve Mechanics and ship fits.
The C5 generates a stupid amount of isk. We run fleets daily. We offer ship fits and skill plans if you are looking for a little guidance. We will take in new players with a willingness to learn the ropes of wormhole space.

We look for pvp more often than we pve in most cases, But whatever we do, we do together. Small gang fleets are our bread and butter. That said, wormhole pvp is more cat and mouse games, with a lot of stalking and waiting. You would have to like the idea of watching other groups go about their routines so we can spring a trap. We don’t really take out roams. Making 50 jumps to blap a Tristan just… isn’t my favorite.
We have all of the parts of a corp, voice, fleets, buyback, SRP, stations - all the stuff. RL comes first. no one is going to ping you at 4am for a CTA.

-Also looking for guys interested in T3 production.

If you are interested, feel free to reach out vial mail, or Discord.

Thanks for reading.

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Recruitment is open! Contact us if interested! Discord

Join Discord now!

Recruitment open! Come check it out!

Looking for one or two more. Recruitment open.

Recruitment open. Need force recon pilots.

Discord link seems to have expired.

Our Security guy changes them… real PITA for recruiting. hang on, i’m going to throw water on him. :sunglasses:

fixed! Come check it out now!

Still looking for a few more.

Fast tackle to the front of the line! Inquire within.

Recruitment is still open.

Re-opened Recruitment. come say hello.

Looking for a couple more pilots who want to come to wormhole space.

Recruitment still open. Inquire within.

Sub Inc is looking for another Guardian pilot. Inquire within.

Recruitment open

Come say hello :slight_smile:

Still open

rolling… rolling… bump… rolling… bump…