{USTZ} Sub Inc. A wormhole corp. Show us on the doll where the wormhole touched you

Sub Inc. Is back in low class wormhole space.
We are looking for a few more guys that are interested in small gang pvp. Don’t worry about not knowing anything if you are new; If you’re willing to undock, we can teach the rest. Must be trained in Paranoia V and Patience IV.

New pilots will become useful to the fleet through use of Force multipliers. (ewar, logi)
We offer ship fits, as well as skill plans that will be of use to you for any future ships you wish to pilot.
We are a wormhole corporation and as such, we like to explore, hunt, hide, and fight. We take part in most everything the wormhole has to offer. It’s a pretty mellow corp, most of us just hunt for something to kill when we are online. We are keeping things smaller this time around. The small gangs help to teach the individual pilot. No F1 monkey fleets here. If this is of interest to you, we would like to talk with you. Join the discord link below. we are always available there.


  • Must be able to cloak.
  • Voice required Discord
  • Laid back RL first.


  • Sub Inc. looks for pvp. Small gang.
  • We also provide scout services for corps looking to rat in sleeper space


  • Sub Inc. Zkillboard
    **The KB is not padded. What you see is what you get. Some fights we win, some we lose. Getting the content is the priority. This is the story of Sub. One I wouldn’t change for anything.

Recruitment open :sunglasses:

Come check it out. :sunglasses:

Recruitment open


Discord link is invalid, fix it bud!

Damn, thanks for catching that! Discord

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Come say hello Discord :sunglasses:

Looking for a few more to join us.

Recruitment open! :kissing_heart:

Looking for one or two more to fit our group

You can find us in the Discord

Looking for one more to join our crew. You can find us in Discord!

Still looking. Hop in discord if you would like to talk.

Join us in Discord!

Recruitment open

Discord link keeps expiring.

Sorry about that, our discord is ran through SeAT.
Here is a fresh link. Discord

And, Here’s another one! Discord :sunglasses: