[Service] USTZ - PVE FC Wormhole content for corps looking for sleeper ratting

If your corp would like to head into wormholes for the sleeper ratting, Sub Inc. is willing to locate decent wormholes and offer fits and even FC services. Scouts are included. We will make sure that your corp can rat in peace. We can do any class wormhole, payments are pre-determined based on class.

Benefits to your corp

  • TeamBuilding, We can show you how to navigate the sites, where the triggers are, and give fleet compositions that allow for members to work together to clear the sites.

  • Advanced warning. - We will be watching all the connections into the target system. You will know if anything is coming. Sub Inc, will also provide safes and exit paths.

  • New content. Change things up. Of course we will need to sit down and talk for a bit. Possibly start smaller before we commit to bringing entire fleets, but all of this should be standard practice. discord

  • This is a service, we do charge for our time. We can work something out the first time you come so you can see what we do and how it benefits your corp. We generally charge 5% of the loot from our sites, plus a flat of 150 mil. prices can be negotiated.

Message me in game or here and we can discuss your corporations needs. Thank you for your time.

If you are looking for a pvp wormhole corp - We are hiring.


Offer is still valid if your corp would like to take the corporate retreat to beautiful J-space



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