USTZ Wormhole corp building a wormhole crew


a few weeks or so ago, I came back to highsec space in search of a crew. I am an old wormhole vet, but found myself without anyone to fly with after a break. I have since been recruiting and have gained about 15 other individuals to fly with me now.

Because I am based in highsec at the moment, the guys I fly with are all mostly new. We have been doing ops each night to get them more familiar with wormhole mechanics. We will be moving back into a wormhole here in the next week or so.

We are US TZ mostly eastern, but I am MST myself.

I can offer you the following if you are looking to move into a wormhole.

  • ship fits
  • skill plans designed for new players and wormhole space.
  • voice comms
  • Experienced FC’s with over 1000 kills
  • bunch of other !@#$ having to do with indy. (ask the indy dudes, I just want to shoot people)

I can work with a day one old account, but if you are new, no sweat, we can show you what to do and when.
I am looking for more experienced pvper’s as well. Ideally, I am looking for about 6 guys that want to learn/already familiar with mico/small gang pvp tactics. If you just want to mine, thats fine - we have guys doing that.

We are a smaller corp. I have exactly zero interest in becoming a huge corp. I don’t want to take over eve. I want to log in, frag someone and use their salt for my dinner plate. That’s my dream. simple, easy.

While we don’t have requirements, I will ask that you be Omega, and that you have cloaking at least somewhat trained. Message me here, in game, or on our Discord - our discord guy is IT, so he’s locked it all down. I think you should be able to chat when you join, if not - I’ll fix it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Looking for one or two more! Discord

Gas mining in wormholes last night! Good isk, good tunes. come join us!

Come check us out. Discord

I’m interested in exploration

Message sent! Thanks for reaching out!

Growing corp, new directions. come chat with us. Discord

I want to steal all you members and bring them to Null.

I appreciate that. but I’m an old wormhole guy. Null isn’t for me. I can’t speak for the crew though.

Stop in and say Hello! Discord

Pretty decent fleet out last night! Discord. drop in anytime!

Gas. Gas. Gas. Come chat with us Discord

Good fleet last night. Getting another ready for tonight! Discord

Looking for one or two more

Looking for one more! Discord

Recruitment is open! Discord

Discord Come say hello!

Just coming back from another long break myself, trying to find new people to fly with. Got about 70m sp in mostly subcap but not going to pretend to have the abilities to go with the skills lol. Might have to check you guys out while regaining my bearings in high sec for a bit.

Please do. With a name like Bubba Phet, I’d imagine you’ll fit right in. Discord

Great fleet out last night. Come check it out! Discord