Wormhole explorer and hunter seeks same, US East TZ

I’m looking for some fun, mature people to fly with who like wormholes and don’t take things too seriously.

I’ve been playing for nearly two years, solo, exploring wormholes and hunting fellow explorers in the US east time zone. I have around 50M skill points, I can fly an astero and nemesis, and probably a bunch of other ships too, but honestly those two have been all I’ve needed. I’d like to learn to fly interdictors and recon ships, they look fun. And the Hecate, if for no other reason than just to look at it. Damn.

I’m a bit older than most around here I think, in my 40s, job, family etc., so this game is definitely not my life or a second job. I just like to log in, get my probes out and look for stuff to hack or shoot at. I’d prefer to not do it alone :slight_smile:

My PVP skills are limited to sneaking up on someone and hitting them over the head with a bag of drones, but I’m willing to learn or skill into whatever. I love wormholes and stealth gameplay, I’ve just hit the limit of what I can do by myself, and I’m really not sure what to do next as far as ships go.

SO, if you like sneaking around and are willing to take on a young character / old player, reply here or feel free to message me in-game.



Love to shoot and loot - looking for folks to do it with

Hi Jaeger,

Check out LOGOS Community. We are a Christian EVE corp that does a lot in wormhole space, as well as LS and HS. I’ve been a wormhole cloaky hunter most of my time in game and would love to bring some new guys in who like that play style. Our identity as a Christian corp ensures most of the guys are pretty mature and decent to spent your time with.

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