Brand new and looking for a pirate pvp corp

As stated, I am new and looking for a pirate pvp corp. I have seen some awesome solo and small group pvp videos and that was what has brought me here. I have watched a lot and read up on a lot so I am somewhat knowledgeable but willing to learn. I was looking through the ads and most are looking for people with a lot of skill points already. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: That will be your loss. I am new and wanting to learn. The group I join have the ability to mold me into a killer!

I am USTZ and currently trying out what I read about by doing the career agents and stuff. I am currently alpha and may go omega depending on how I like things. I know I will die, A LOT, but that’s okay. I am hoping for a small tight group that will help me learn to be a method of destruction in Eve.

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Still looking! I am hoping for a small group of close pilots, not a large group or alliance. There is generally too much drama with large groups, or at least that is my experience in other games.

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What space are you looking to operate in generally speaking? LS? Wormhole? Null?

I am thinking low sec. I have no idea about wormholes as I don’t quite understand them. Null sec seems to be large corporations and alliances.

Well, if you decide to ever swap to wormholes hit me up. Wormhole space is very wild west and can be great for small gang pvp. Plus you can’t tell who is in local in wormholes so it becomes much easier to get the jump on people.

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