New Bro... LF a Small Pirate Style Corp

Ok after spending a few days reading lore, stories, about the races including pirates and corporations I have gravitated toward wanting to join a Pirate Corp. With that said, I know reading forums, reddit and other online posts is like asking to get your Cheerios pissed in. So, it seems with limited information that there are really no Pirate Corps and mainly just variations of PvP focused Corps that do Pirate like things.

I am a super new player, not sure why I never tried EVE in the past. I am mainly interested in PVP, collecting salt, selling salt (even my own), lore and history of the game, Corp & pirate politics, having fun, theory crafting, strategy, and whatever other PvP shenanigans EVE has to offer.

I am a OG, looking for a tight knit group (Hopefully Pirates actually exist) that gets after it, willing to bring up some new blood. I learn fast and am willing to put in the time. My prime time is 7pm - 12pm PST, but often roll on through 2am.

Don’t be afraid to burst my bubble and give me the truth that I joined 10 years too late and that what I seek doesn’t exist. Unlike Tom Cruise, I can handle the truth!

Come and Join Grimm Hounds and Mine Some Salt and Enjoy a Great Community Where Everyone is Nice Willing to Help each Other Out

We are In Null Sec

Join Our Discord SOB Diplo & Recruitment

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I’ll check it out, appreciate the reply.

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Hey. I feel like our corp will be a good fit. The Church of Awesome - LowSec PvP Pirate Group is seeking active players - #10 by ara5.

Nice, I’ll check you guys out. thx for the reply

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