Looking for low sec pirate corp

I am looking to join a low sec pirate corp to learn the ropes of piracy. I have been playing Eve for years with other characters so I’d say I’m pretty switched on to the mechanics of the game. I just never gave piracy a go and it sounds like fun.

O /
whats your time zone and what tiem you can play eve ? how much sp you have can you give some details pls ?

Hey Darcy,

If you are intereseted message me in game. We are a low sec pirate PvP corp with the alliance Shoot First. We are a very active PvP corp and are usually running in fleets daily. We supply our line members with ships for corp/ alliance fleets if they are unable to provide ships. We also do not mind teaching new to PvP players to teach them the basics of PvP. We offer small gang PvP to large scale PvP. So there would be lots for you to experience with us. Think it over and if you want to chat more hit me up :smiley:

Rex Azzholes
CEO Bounty Contracting Ltd.

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