Hello Fellow PVP'ers

Iamnot sure if i am in the right topic,
i have been back playing very active for about 6 months and tried big null block and tried wormholes
however my pvp scratch was not being fulfilled and i noticed often that others find my ideas about eve pvp weird or imposible.
Iam looking for likeminded souls: do u like the thril of fighting outnumbered do u found urself thinking of what sort of ships work very well together , Do u want to become better(the best) in pvp
Since i have started watching videos about organized small gang pvp i want to do nothing more but never find ppl who wanted to really commit.
So for me there was 1 conclusion left maby i should a corporation dedicated to this purpose, so i ask
if u would like to learn do this kind of pvp and would be willing to help to setup a new corp plz do reply
contact me ingame or PM i thanks every1 for reading and i hope to seeu in the future


i hope some small gang corps will respond i total hv 5 acounts and do many things…

im looking for a corp that does this kind of pvp too. dont know any corps that offer this but if you want to start your own small gang corp i would be willing to join

ehh hmmm… GriMM Hounds was birthed in this type of PvP and has come back after a long hiatus. We have been looking for pilots who want to succeed in this style of play. We just lack the proper individuals who can dedicate themselves to this. Feel free to look me up in game.

Update deu to not finding a corp i decided to create my own drop by ‘‘DEEPPUBz’’ channel for info or a chat!!

I shot you a message in-game.

our corp has some dedicated people towards small gang warfare where as an alliance we like to do many things where we specialized in blopsing and small to medium size gang fleet

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hey can i contacct u

yes, on the link i have provided there should be a discord link that leads you to our server o7

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