USTZ - Wormhole Eviction Corp Recruiting!

Insanely TWISTED is BACK!

The mission for this corp is to be a have FUN First PVP corp. I don’t care about the killboard, I care about content!

Content is what matters in this game.

So this is what we do,

We are a WormHole Eviction corporation. We hunt for Wormhole targets that fit into our timezone to allow for all members of the corp to participate.

The Great thing about destroying citadels in a Wormhole is that there is NO ASSET SAFETY!

But wait… there is more! All participating pilots get a percentage cut of the loot! 75% of the loot from ops goes to the combat pilots whom participate in the destruction of the target and LIBERATION of Wormholes!

When we are not on an active Operation. Feel free to PVP your hearts out in whatever ship you want in whatever insane fittings you want. I don’t care if you lose it and wreck the killboard. Its all about the FUN FUN FUN and Dank ISKs!

-Type of Pilots we Want-

  • Currently US Timezone. We will expand to other time zones in the future. You can join if you’re in another time zone if you play during USTZ. We want pilots whom are active during USTZ.

  • Pilots whom love to PVP and have a team work mentality. Wormholes require lots of team work!

Come Fly with us.

Please Join In game chat Channel “D3vil’s Childr3n Pub” or send me and Eve Mail in game.

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Hmmmm…Sounds interesting. I can dig it and it honestly is an agenda that has me excited to start logging in again.

Its a lot of fun. Everyone does their part and gets paid for it



Out of curiosity (never seen an eviction corp), where does the other 25% profit go, assuming there isn’t an SRP? :slight_smile:

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Setup costs, running the corporation assets, payout to scout etc i’m assuming.

10% goes to the corp wallet which helps with SRP and Logistics of the corp. Fuel, towers, etc. There is also a cut to the pilots that help with logistics! There is also a finder’s fee bonus that goes to the pilot whom has found the viable WH and Target!

There is a Payment breakdown provided to each pilot whom participated in the successful Operation. Keeping things transparent because I want each pilot to see how their rewards are split and to keep a trust level worthy of the hard work given by everyone.

Good answer :slight_smile:


bump 4 isk


So…just so I am clear on this recruitment post, your sole content purpose in EVE is to evict WH Living Entities without provocation or inactivity inside our space, correct?

Correct. Also BOB has deems all occupants occupying his space to be a SIN.

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I shall see you in WH space then…welcome to our WORLD!