Recruiting for Wormhole evistions!

We are turning over a new page in our Corp, Wormhole evictions!

So basically how this works is once someone finds a suitable occupied wormhole, preferably one that fits into our US time zones, we move in.

The best thing about wormhole evictions is that the structures have no asset safety!! So all structures drop whatever they had in them!

These evictions can be worths tens of billions, and most loot is split equally between pilots(except for paying the scout and replacing some ships). Even logi will get a cut!

All fleet doctrines are alpha and new player friendly, easy to fly, and don’t take too much time to train.

When we are not in a wormhole, feel free to make some ink in whatever way you enjoy, pvp with our wide variety of fits, or take and vantage of the many Corp and alliance resources at your disposal. (Moon mining, blueprints, missions, pve etc.)

So come join us in your new and exiting venture into wormhole evictions!

Feel free to respond to this post or message me in game for any questions.

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