USTZ LS pirate corp looking for members!

The Void Runners is recruiting USTZ pilots. We are a lowsec / wormhole pirate corp based in khanid lowsec with our alliance. Corp is run by active players that are making a return to eve, and trying to bring some fun back with us. We have a corp and alliance discord as well as teamspeak 3 for communications. We are trying to make a family in EVE and play other online games as well. Skill points are not as important as your willingness to learn and participate, however t2 tanked BC’s and covert ops cloak ships are a huge plus!

We are looking for:

  • Pilots ages 18+
  • Returning, newish, or experienced players
  • People willing to attend and help create content
  • Chill, fun folks that enjoy to joke and BS in good fun

We can offer

  • Lowsec space for roams and camps
  • No big TIDI messes
  • No alarm clock ops
  • US and EU timezone alliance
  • Stealthy fun things
  • A C2 with citadel and C3/HS statics for isking and content
  • Chill environment for your gaming experience

If you have any questions do not hesitate to look us up in game or in discord!

Public Channel “Void Runner Lounge”

Welcome to WH space :slight_smile:

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Thanks alot!

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Nightly bump

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Looking for more chill folks! Pvpers and pvers, new and old players, hit us up!



Having a great time! Getting kills! Doing stuff! Hit us up!

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Looking for more to shoot some ■■■■!


I’m almost moved IRL, getting ready to start some havoc! Hit us up in game or discord!

bumpity, lowsec and WH awaits!

Check us out if you are looking for chill!

Were settling nicely, come by and say hi :v:

Do you ever just want to sit around, chill and shoot ■■■■ after work? Got a family and only got a few hours to be a space felon? Come talk to us! Be a cool guy and not a number!

Lumps and Bumps!