Early 2000s player looking for Corp

I started playing Eve in 2004 and immediately got hooked up with friends from another game. They were in an alliance based in Querious(FIX/Pure.). I was apart of this alliance until I left to do some small scale pirate shenanigans for a short time. All this being said most if not all of them have quit. The alliance is long gone as are all the corporations.

Last time I played for any length of time was 2008 So I am basically a new player at this point. My main toon has 30mil sp which was pretty good back in the day but prolly is nothing now lol. I am willing to ESI verify just gotta tell me how.

I am older and have a wife and family so play times are limited to a few hours at night(2100 to 0400 Eve Time). I’m currently relearning how to make isk as my vast fortune from back in the day is nothing now. PVP is what I’m eventually looking for but also willing to do highsec until I get my funds into a good spot. Very active player that is just looking to find a new home.

Hi there,
Welcome back to the game. We can cover all the bases that you need to get you up to speed and back in the game.
We are a PvP focused null sec corp but we also have a high sec training corp for new and returning players, we also use it for faction war.
Active on our Discord comms in or out of game our primary focus is to create a community of players who support each other and also, if that’s something you want to do, support new to eve players.
Come and chat on our Discord and check out our advert, I think you’ll be happy if you give us a chance to help you back into the game


You Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:

Ethereal Morality Proud Member of the Initiative

✪ Chill Real Life Comes First Group of mature people


✪ PvP :skull_and_crossbones: oriented corp with PVE opportunities.

✪ Plenty of ISK making opportunities to fund PVP.

✪ Extensive Alliance infrastructure in place in space, With Alliance JF Services

✪ Experienced Corp Leadership and FC’s

✪ Friendly Members who are always willing to help

  • What We Require-

✪ Minimum Age of 18 years old

✪ Omega Account

✪ 30,000,000 SP minimum Must be self-sufficient in: Rating in 0.0, Mining, Exploring, etc… 5 FATs per month requirement

✪ Full ESI on All Characters

✪ No Drama

✪ Willingness to train into Alliance Doctrine Ships and Be part of the Team. We often enjoy playing other games together when not logged into EVE.

If you want to know more Join us on Discord

Hey bud you sound like you’d be a good fit for us at The Order of Omerta. We are a group that likes to do group based activities. We lean on pve fleets and small gang pvp as our most run fleets but do also do fobs and other pve activities.

We are a group of older gamers looking to have fun and mess around on coms.

We got other returning players and newbros so we understand having to relearn the game and have ppl who can help answer any questions.

If interested stop by and we’ll chat The Order of Omerta

Interested in being a part of a new growing corp?

We are game veteran mix of active players and returning ones, just like you.
12 members so far.
We live in a wormhole.
It would involve you learning the mechanics but we would help alone the way.

Hop on discord and let’s have a chat, see how we like eachoter.

  1. Multifold [MUFO]

Welcome back to Eve,

Don’t make a final decision until you’ve come and talked to us at UDEAD

We are a well established Corp in a top tier Alliance with great space and a thriving community.


I have joined a corp thanks for everyone who reached out.

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TSSOC has been a round a long time, lots of great members, living in an active area a Null

We would be a great place to get back into EvE !

come give us a look

Welcome back to EVE Online! It’s great to see veterans like you returning to the game. Your extensive history in EVE, even though it’s been a while, brings a wealth of experience that can be valuable in your new journey. We understand the limitations of real-life commitments, and we’re more than happy to accommodate your play schedule.

Our corporation, is an ideal place for players who value a balance between gameplay and real-life responsibilities. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Friendly and Mature Community: We have a diverse group of players, including those with families and limited playtime. Our atmosphere is friendly and supportive, and we understand the need for flexibility.

PvE Opportunities: We can help you relearn how to make ISK in today’s EVE. Whether it’s through mission running, exploration, mining, or industry, we’ve got your ISK-making needs covered.

Skill and Knowledge Sharing: As you adjust to the changes since 2008, you’ll find plenty of guidance and assistance from experienced players in our community. We’ll help you get back on your feet and prepare for more advanced activities.

PvP Progression: We share your interest in PvP. Once you’ve regained your footing and amassed the necessary resources, we can guide you into low-sec and null-sec for the PvP excitement you seek.

ESI Verification: We’ll guide you through the ESI verification process to ensure a smooth and secure onboarding.

If you’re interested in joining us or would like more information, please contact myself, Jem McMerphy, in game, and I can have you meet with our great leadership. We’re eager to welcome you into our community and help you find your footing in the evolving world of EVE Online.

Your 30 million SP is a great starting point, and with your dedication and experience, you’ll find your place in EVE once again. We look forward to flying alongside you and making your EVE experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Fly safe, and we hope to see you among our ranks soon!


Jem McMerphy

Hey, Avec,
Welcome back to EVE.
Dreadnoughtz offers lots of opportunities and knowledge bases to which to re-acquaint yourself with so you can get back to making isk and blowing up ships!

Below I’ve put our forums post link, itll have info on what we offer, what we are about, and how to get in touch with us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Jaded

http://dredditisrecruiting.com/ Null pvp, w options for everything else + all the support of a larger group

Come back to the chillaxed pirate life!

We are a Nullsec corp based in Querious/Catch under the Dracarys Alliance.


Daily R64 Moons

Plenty of Anomalies for Ratting/Exploration
Daily fleets
Jump Freight Service direct from Jita.

10mil SP minimum
Participate in 3 Fleets a month (Roams, OPs, CTAs)

Hi Avec

Guns-R-Us Toy Company is the founding Corp for Weapons of Mass Production.

We are an alliance that holds teritory in Detorid. We have many alliance moons and a full industry park. We have the infrasturcture to build everything up capitals. We are newbro friendly but do require a minimum of 30 days in game.

  • R64 moon mining

  • Ice Belts

  • A0 Anomalies

  • Alliance Industrial Parl

  • Plenty of ratting space

  • PvP fleets with 100% SRP for Corp/Alliance fleets

  • Help in developing you isk making abilities

  • JF Service

  • Multiple competing buyback service

If you want to know more Join us on Discord

Do you like it HARD? Do you like it REWARDING? Then You’re the right fit for Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly(-RUDE)!

Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly is an EUTZ corporation of Kybernauts Clade living in Pochven, also known as Space Hell, where the harsh environment makes sure we stay sharp and the ISK fountain tp make sure we stay rich to fight anyone who dares to stop long enough to be locked up, anywhere in New Eden!

-RUDE Is where Fun comes first. We hold fleets daily, From simple roams to BLOPs fleets and more. We like to have fun and fight. PvP is our lifestyle!

→ Content Fleets EVERY SINGLE DAY
→ Observatory Flashpoint fleets for that crazy income
→ Nanogangs in Pochven and Null
→ A way to experience the crazy world of Pochven PvP
→ Incredibly fun and friendly environment

-Be alive and breathing
-Be able to push buttons somewhat well
-Have a mouth you can speak with(Also a microphone)
-Sense of Humor
-Approximately 10 Mil SP(Negotiable)
-Willingness to train into Doctrines

Zkill: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98739589/
DISCORD: Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly

Lucas Ermanelos(JustThatLuka#1590)

Hey mate you’d be a great fit - We’ve got plenty of PVP opportunities, aswell as corp incentives and projects that will enable you to rebuild your fortune just by shooting people!