The Emberia Collective - PvE/Mining and PvP

Hey you guys wanting to join a nullsec alliance that does the same as you but make more money and fun. We are called N.E.T.O or New Eden treaty organization. we live down in tribute with mining,ratting,roams/pvp, and moon mining

Up we go again.

Emberia Manufacturing Inc still recruiting industrials. New bro friendly. War Dec safe.

Emberia Collective looking for more PvP minded players. WH, exploration, roaming, industry, fun times.

To the top!

Still recruiting!

Miners desperately needed! New and old, we can offer you corp buy back and stable income.

B-b-b-buuumm… p!

Still looking!

Mail us directly, join our in-game public channel Emberia Pub or join our discord server, link above.

Still alive and recruiting!

Miners, Missioners, Explorers! We need you, Fly with the Collective today!

Mail us, join our in-game channel Emberia Pub or join our discord!

Hey, I’m new to Eve and would love to join a mining corp. I am still learning the ropes of the game though but it would be amazing to have some knowledgeable people to game with! The discord link is no longer working in the original post however, so I’m unable to join your discord to apply/discuss with any of your members.

Still looking for new members!

Need miners! Need PVE! Join us!

Emberia Manufacturing Inc needs miners! We have moons, we have reprocessing, we need ore!!

Ore buy back scheme is available to all who join! This is especially good for you budding industrial newbros who want a reliable income!

Help us build a corporation that will stand the test of time and make some isk while we do it!

So grab a beer or a nice cuppa tea, sit back and unwind after a hard day at college or work with moon belts, orca support and good chats!

Join us!

Rejoice! Another moon has popped. That’s the 6th one this week. Another will pop tomorrow. Pop.

New industrial minded players, returning players come feast on this bountiful harvest. Join us today!


Still here, still looking!

Looking for miners!

Bumpity bump.

Looking for miners and newbros to help harvest all these delicious space rocks. Come on in!

Super casual, RL always comes first. Play the game how you’d like. Come join us!

Emberia is committed to helping new players forge a path to success in Eve.

We can offer you a guiding hand, whether it be PVE, Industry or even a bit of pvp, we will always do our best to help you out.

We can buy back any ore mined
We can replace ships lost in combat
Corp dividends paid out during profitable weeks

Recruiting all timezones.

Join Emberia Pub in game, or our discord linked above!

We need rookies! Miners, Missioners, Industrialists!

Join us!

IM an alt of an alt who has two alts… HAIL SATAN!!!

Bump! We need rookies! Miners, Missioners and part time pvpers!

Join us!

Wormhole Sleeper Services - For any corp expansion needs you guys might have.

We need more rookies! Miners, Missioners, and part time pvpers!

Be part of the Collective today!

Been attempting to establish contact but the discord link has run out and the pub is empty. no recruiter has been available for contact.

approach me ingame if you people are still looking for members

Recruitment is temporarily closed due to restructuring - apologizes for inconvenience.

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