The Emberia Collective - PvE/Mining and PvP

The Emberia Collective - PvE/Mining and PvP
Greetings space friends! The Emberia Collective has now opened recruitment to the public and is seeking pilots! We are a easy going organization with a primary focus in highsec, however will occasionally venture into other area’s of space. We offer highsec large/small fleet pve/pvp/mining activities and will retaliate to the threat of wars in defense of the alliance and the corporation.

What we are looking for in pilots - both new and old - is the desire to learn and have fun while going on fun space adventures through New Eden! In addition, looking for members whom have the courage to participate in war should it strike.

Emberia also offers a ship replacement program to its members flying in T1 frigate and destroyer hulls in the event their vessel is lost.

For more details please join the Emberia Collective Discord - OR - join our public in-game channel “Emberia Pub”.

Recruiter Contacts:

Ormagon Valen, MC Fish, MalVarian Do’Ana, Vibius T’Sun


  • Discord
  • Teamspeak 3
  • Age 18+
  • English speaking

Game Times in EVE time…

  • US CDT 0200-0600
  • EU TZ 1900-0000

They are some pretty good friends of mine you should check them out :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice people to fly with if you seek adrenaline xD

Still looking for recruits!

lets go up to the top again

we still looking for you get us on discord or ingame channel Emberia Pub

hope to see yall soon

Chop chop to the top

Still seeking Pilots! :slight_smile:

nice guys to fly with

Still Alive!

Still in need of miners, missioners and fighters! Mail me if you are interested!

Miners rejoice! The moons be a poppin!

Come join us!

Still recruiting!

Emberia still seeks recruits! Let’s go on adventures!

To the top we go!

Looking for miners, manufacturers. We have moons, beer and intrigue.

Alliance bound, war, PvP, small roams. Don’t like the sound of that? We have a holding corp so you can mine to your heart’s content.

Super casual, RL always comes first. Play the game how you’d like. Come join us!

Still looking for new recruits! Newbro’s, bitter vets! Listen up!

Some positive changes to Emberia’s structure are coming!

Emberia Collective has created a brand new corperation; Emberia Manufacturing Inc.

So, what does this mean? For our industrial minded players (and any new bro’s would like to join) it means they can pve, mine and produce in relative safety, free from pesky war declarations! With access to structures for research, building and moon mining, there is great potential to make some isk with us!

Those who don’t mind war and the opportunity for pvp are still more than welcome to join us at Emberia Collective.

Come join us!

*Relaxed atmopshere, we’re all friends here.
*RL Comes frist always
*Moon mining, nearly 7 days a week
*Ore buy back

Newbro’s welcome! We can help you kick start your Eve careers.

Let’s make some ISK!

Join our discord server today for chat!

Still recruiting! EU and US TZ.

The pieces are falling together now. Moons popping, manufacturing is under way, it’s looking good. Emberia Manufacturing Inc needs your help.

New players, returning players, old grumpy players!

Come join us in disco for a chat. Links above.

Hey you guys wanting to join a nullsec alliance that does the same as you but make more money and fun. We are called N.E.T.O or New Eden treaty organization. we live down in tribute with mining,ratting,roams/pvp, and moon mining

Up we go again.

Emberia Manufacturing Inc still recruiting industrials. New bro friendly. War Dec safe.

Emberia Collective looking for more PvP minded players. WH, exploration, roaming, industry, fun times.

To the top!

Still recruiting!

Miners desperately needed! New and old, we can offer you corp buy back and stable income.