Industry/pve/pvp corp looking for veterans and new people alike

My corporation is looking for people of all trades and experience levels.

Are you new? That is perfectly fine. We have plenty of people in our corp/alliance/coalition with plenty of experience that are more than willing to teach you and help you with anything you would like to know.

Are you a veteran? Perfect. We have needs in all areas of EVE and you will have no problem with finding a place to belong.

Are you a miner? Great! We are mining moons every day so there is plenty of the good stuff to mine, and we need more miners to mine it.

PvPer? Fantastic. We need more people for overwatch on our Low Sec mining operations and we also enjoy to go on roams and gate camps for the fun of it.

PvEer? Almost all of us enjoy blowing up some rats. I myself am involved in most PvE operations and love all of it.

We have comms and people in them every night. We also have corporations in our alliance from all timezones so there will certainly be a place for everyone.

The more people we have, the more that we can do together. We have paid mining ops as well, so we are all interested in helping everyone make more money. Come, join us, see what you think. We’re a bunch of friendly people looking for more friendly people to enjoy the game with.

Join our in game channel “Manufactorum. Pub” or send me a message/mail directly and I can get you set up wherever you wish to be. We are stronger together.


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