Looking for Miners and Industrial minded people to join our corp

If you are looking for a fun social group to do mining and industrial with in hi sec, Than we want you! We are small corp with big ambitions, we are fast growing and need more members to join to keep the growth going. There is no requirement to join as we want to help new players reach their goals and develop with us. We are open to new members, and old alike and have mentoring for newer players to learn all the mechanics of the game and get a taste of what eve has to offer.

Things we can offer.

  • Frequent moon mining on a weekly basis, we have multiple bases that drop all those nice rare ore you are looking for.
  • Support to help you achieve all your industrial needs.
  • Daily Ice and ore fleets with boosts to get you mining that ore faster.
  • Freighting logistics to help you move whatever you need to local markets.
  • Many bases with all the services you need.
  • We will help you fight off any gankers with our corp fleet.
  • We do also have support in other fields such as PVE missions and trig fleet runs.

If that sounds like something you are interested in, come join us or even send me a message in game and we can talk about the corp more!



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