New Player; Looking for Corp

User: DabuiS, (or Doobie)
PI: 19y/o , full time job , USA, English
Activity: weekdays: 1700-2200cst weekends: 1000-2200cst
Game: New player, eager to learn and dive into Eve (pvp or pve)
Honestly down to try anything just need help learning the game.
Feel free to pm me for further discussion; I’ll be home for the holidays and more active.

free bump good luck o7

Heyas Doobie!

Welcome to New Eden!

Take a looksie here, my man…

The advert says it all, and if you have ANY questions, please hit me up in game, or reach out to our “Club Zer0 pub” chat. We’re growing, but have a solid core of folk that looks out and wants to teach / help those that are fresh out of the clone chamber!


Khadria Ulutek

We like fresh minds that are not corrupted bitter Vets!

Come check us out if you like.

Would roleplay be sutch a thing that you could considder as well?

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