NPC Null sec - Mining Pilots / Indy Pilots needed - PvP pilots also :)

Hello all,

Caledvwich is recruiting again. Currently I have a few moons that I mine and i cannot get all the resources alone. I need Miners! Also, I need Indy folks to make stuff locally for our PvP group.

There is plenty of isk to be made if you want it via Mining, Indy, Missions / LP etc etc. In addition, we PvP daily. Our PvP group can assist in your defense while mining but i will help you get used to Null sec mining and living to mine another day.

If you just want to mine and be a Indy person - thats fine. But if you want to PvP and get some help with it, I can do that also.

The PI in the area is great for making Fuel Blocks and even all components to make stations - if thats yer gig.

We have no minimums or required online time, etc etc. except one - Need to be a Omega account. Reason is if you are serious enough to want to join you should be a omega account to excel. We just like to have fun together in chat and kill some folks or rocks in the meantime.

Come to the in game chat if you are interested.
Caledvwich (copy and paste that in the join channel)

I have a lot of training videos that I created a few years back and are still relevant mostly. But we have regular discussions on why things work the way they do and tactics / tricks etc. Live training to take place on sisi server as well.

Alliance has a SRP (Ship replacement program) and a stocked local market. We pretty much control the area we live in. We are more a small gang group and prefer to not bother structure bashing. We have had to in the past and likely some in the future but we try to avoid it as its almost as bad as ice Mining.

Discord Chat:

recruiting open, chat me up, send a message, join in game chat whatever you want.

Hrm, lets go peeps

Looking for folks to do a variety of things - PvP, PvE, Indy, mining etc. come talk to us.

IGC “WrG Shipwreck” or “Caledvwich”

More folks please!

Looking for PvP and PvE / indy toons. Our little alliance is looking to grow.


Think you’d enjoy killing folks and making good ISK in null? Well, this is really the corp for you. Our killboard says it all… as does our wallets.

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Still like more pilots.