Looking for a new home!

hi im a returning pilot with 144mill sp i have played this game on and off since 2007!
im currently a part time player due to work and kids but i am looking for a new home to be able to log on rat or mine for a hour or 2 and log off again all while having a chat with the active corp with chill vibes.
the place im looking for has to have a really good market and supply.

please feel free to send me a dm

thanks neonblue6

Hi, we are still growing but if you also want to take some new players on the hand you might be interested in joining GDawn. The Corp also has LV4 Mission standing with Sisters of EvE. :blush:

We might be a good fit for you! Looking forward to chatting more:

welcome back Bro am looking for new member love to have a chat i don’t ram the game down your throat play the game how you want its you that pay’s for it… and one thing we stand by in the corp is RL always come’s first

hey, Neon.

Come check out our recruitment post. Itll give you some basic info on what we are all about.
its crazy isn’t it? how time flies by and now most of the old guard of eve is a dad or grandpa?? its nuts.

I hope to hear from you soon!

  • Jaded