We want you 🫵 calling all pvp pilots new and old


Welcome to Cold Lazarus Inc,
Recruitment IS OPEN

We are a corp with a simple objective:
To create an environment in which like minded pilots can socialize, and fly together to achieve common and individual goals; while offering versatility to envelope all aspects of life in New Eden.
We answer to no one

Corp planned activites to include:
Mining Raids into Null, Lo-Sec,
PVE raids into Null, Lo-Sec,
PVP raids into all areas of space
Exploration roams robbing null dwellers of thier relics and data sites.
Raiding null and lowsec moon mining ops
Friday night Drunk Fleets (PVP in low cost ships
Corp Benefits:
Training in all areas of Eve
FC opportunities
New player friendly
SRP on fleet op

Looking for capsuleers interested in:
PvP (Small Gang)
Operating into: Lowsec/null
Spoken languages: English
Also fully auth up with the alliance services

This is our alliance/corp discord
command marvs
Co Ceo

This actually sounds fun, could @Rodger_Longbuck -10 security try out please?

He had never been a frostpacker and we perhaps ask if you could overlook his criminal past!

Rodger is a hansome obedient pilot willing to put his ship on the line for the greater good of the fleet caller.

Available for friday nights- until late.

yeah it fun can have a good crack

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your pulling out all the stop with the hansome toon lmao

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Discord app is working along with mic

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to the top

Roll up roll up


looking for logi pilots