Join Primal Instinct! (PvX; Null; Mining; Indy) [Init]

Are you looking for chill, friendly, and helpful, tight-knit group of people to enjoy New Eden with? You’ve come to the right place!

Primal Instinct is a multi-game guild with over 15 years of history. We have numerous PvP #1 under our belt, experienced players, and provide an amazing environment while relaxing and having fun in video games.

What we offer:
• Friendly and relaxed atmosphere
• Well funded buyback program
• Freight services
• Access to Initiative space (eg Fountain)
• Freedom to PvP, PvE, Mine, etc, in allied space
• Access to imperium space (eg Querius)
• Lots of alliance PvP content
• SRP program
• New player friendly experience
• Well stocked null sec market
• Fly a variety of capital ships

Sounds cool? It is! We don’t really ask for much in return, either:
• Working microphone
• Being on voice comms during fleets
• Attending 5 alliance fleets every 90 days (quick ones count too!)
• Up-to-date Corp & Alliance auth
• Willingness to help and learn.

If you would like to learn more about Primal Instinct please drop me a message/email ingame. You can also find us on discord: Primal Instinct

We look forward to hearing from you and flying with you!


Daily bump

Recruitment still open! Reach out if you’d like to learn more and make the most of New Eden.

Recruitment bump. Come-on in!

Come join the fun.

Primal Instinct is recruiting! Come join the fun.

Come join us in null sec (Fountain). Lots of content to enjoy, explore, fight for, and anything in between :slight_smile:

If you enjoy the big fights as well as small scale skirmishes, we might have a seat for you. Come check it out.