Looking to Join a Corp

Hi I’m a newer player to Eve online, Looking for a active Corp to join.
Don’t like to PVP much, PVE is more my style rather salvage and explore a bit.
I will however PVP when its needed. I see people talk down on salvaging and stuff like it saying it don’t make much but I’m here for the experience.
If any one is looking for a player like me hit me up. I would be a good addition to a active community!


we are just starting in High sec and are very new player friendly: GDawn :slight_smile:

greetings!! we are a very chilled C2 corp and i think we may fit for you. send me an Ingame mail if you are interested.

Hi there! check us out:

We need a salvager for our fleet fights. 🔥 Minmatar Fleet Alliance - PvP | Capitals | Target Rich Environment