GDawn recruits: High Sec, new player friendly, old players welcome: Missions, Exploration, Industry, FW

The New Eden Order of the Golden Dawn opens its doors to the public and recruits new and old players.

We are still a small corp in the high security space of New Eden, now a proud member of the Caldari Alliance, but we want to expand long-term in the future.

EvE Online is probably the most complex MMO on the market, but the basic mechanics haven’t really changed in over 20 years, as it would require a completely new client. The paint job changes with every patch, but the core doesn’t. If you’re a completely new player, GDawn might be interesting for you, here you can learn the game properly from the start.

  • Full skillplan from Tech 1 Frigate to Tech 2 Battleship for new players. As fast as possible, but with all the important ships and skills. Capitalship ready in the end with Jump Drive Calibration 5.
  • Corporation Fitting Showcase with all important sub-capital ships: Learn how to fit your ships properly from the start, your most important skill in EvE.
  • Start an industrial career in a respectable and serious industry in EvE with your first T2 ship, the Prospect. With a 59-day skill plan as a corp member, you are already a valuable player for the corp who actually makes a difference for the corp and is not just an appendage.
  • Learn state-of-the-art combat operations in EvE Online: Skirmish Warfare, Armored Warfare, ongrid combat scanning, interception and much more.
  • Voluntary corpleadership without financial interests in the corporation.

What is expected of you as a new player here?

Free to play is available so that you can check out a game to see if it interests you, but basically you should want to open an Omega account after you have decided to play EvE Online, because all relevant ships can only be flown with a full account. If you want to play the game properly, you can’t avoid having a full account.

Otherwise, RL first, but when you’re online you want to develop as a player in the game and have fun.

Experienced players are of course welcome too, regardless of whether they have an old or new account.

  • The corp can currently provide LV4 mission standing with Sisters of EvE and is active in Abyssal Deadspace.
  • Participation in Factional Warfare is encouraged for every member, but the Corp does not participate in it so that new players do not have to participate if they do not want to.
  • Building something new together from scratch in the long term, as long as EvE Online still exists over the next few years.

GDawn PvP Guide

The corporation language is English for all time zones.

Just message Duchesse Gemory in game.

^ Great guy highly recommend :smiley:


Here you will find the daily GDawn Wiktionary for new players with the most important abbreviations and slang expressions for EvE Online.

Point → Using a Warp Disruptor or a Warp Scrambler on another player, but you should not try that in high sec. :slight_smile:

Bubble → Interdiction Sphere Launcher Disruption Probe

DScan → Directional Scanner

PvE → Player versus Environment

High sec → High Security Space in New Eden, 0.5 - 1.0 systems.

T2 → Tech 2 (mostly better Items)

KB → Killboard

Data Analyzer → useful for Data Sites, but you need good skills for it :joy:

Combat probing → Scanning down other players for pvp

RMT → Real Money Trading - Players who sell in-game currency or items for real money, which of course violates the EULA. One of the differences: Mafia is mostly rich and sexy, RMT Mafia is mostly rich and ugly. :joy:

Black OPs Bridge → Transporting ships to another system with a Jump Portal Generator

PvP → Player versus Player

GDawn PvP Guide:

There are of course many new players who are fundamentally interested in EvE Online, but as online players they are aware that the barrier to entry is relatively high, especially in PvP in online games like EvE Online.

Returning players with few skill points often think to themselves, should I really start again? In 0.0 we are now primarily at Supercapital Warfare in these days and I need at least a Dreadnaught or even a Titan to really make a difference for my corporation or alliance.

Yes, that is the case in EvE Online now, because there are a lot of players with a high number of skill points and players naturally want to use their skill points. That is of course perfectly fine, but in reality it has relatively little to do with PvP in EvE Online. In EvE Online size doesn’t matter, EvE Online is economic PvP. That’s why new players and returning players with few skill points in EvE Online can actually make a difference quickly or still in PVP. It’s not about the size and number of kills, but about the ISK efficiency.

How many ISK do you have on the field and how many ISK do you destroy on your opponent with it? This is the ratio that matters in EvE Online economic PVP.

Under this basic criterion, smaller ships such as a stealth bomber often have an unbeatable ISK efficiency ratio.

A stealth bomber with a T2 fitting costs around 50 million ISK, can be quickly skilled in a few months and can even be used in a fleet to destroy billions of ISK, even capital ships. A Hound is probably the best PvP ship in EvE Online in terms of ISK efficiency and that’s what economic PvP in EvE is all about. Of course, you also need experienced players who can open a Black OP’s Bridge, but that’s exactly what a corporation or alliance is supposed to be, a union between new and experienced players where you can really play the game together.

Of course, you also have to understand the basic mechanics of EvE Online economic PvP if it’s not about predefined timers so that PvP can take place at a certain time.

In contrast to other games in which players compete against each other in an arena or on a map, in the sandbox EvE Online PvP depends on various criteria and is primarily determined by chance:

You have to be in the right ship, at the right time with the right number of players in the right place in order to be able to do PVP.

The most important criterion in EvE Online PvP is of course the so-called “target picking”. To do this, you must first and foremost know your own ship, know the enemy ship and be able to pay attention to your surroundings:

Can I use my ship to destroy another ship, which I can also hold with a warp disruptor, in a reasonable amount of time without reinforcements from the area I am currently in being able to arrive in time?

This is basically what EvE online economic PvP is all about: ISK efficiency and target picking.

My aim here is not to write a detailed PvP guide, but rather to show new and returning players with few skill points that even as a new player with few skill points in EvE Online in 0.0 you can efficiently PvP for your corp and alliance if you understand the game mechanics.

AB → Afterburner, MWD → Micro Warp Drive

T3 → Tech 3 Ships (Strategic Cruisers, Tactical Destroyers and T3 Production)

Sov & Sov Space → When player alliances maintain sovereignty in nullsec space. If you really want to understand the 0.0 system in EvE Online you should understand the concepts of the puppet state and multi-level marketing.

E-War → Electronic Warfare

HAC → Heavy Assault Cruiser

HIC → Heavy Interdiction Cruiser