Coming back, Looking for Industrial Corp

(Shearer5204) #1

I’ve decided to return to Eve, Looking for Industrial corporation to join. Will activate omega next week. 27M skill points, mostly focused on Industry. Let me know if your looking for a new recruit.
API Key can be sent upon request.

(Bruce Mantooth Mantooth) #2

If your interested we run a very active US TZ group. C3 w/ C3/C5 Statics. I’ll toss you a message in game. Thanks!

For more info

(Mr Glaser) #3

Hello @Shearer5204,

We are a good WH Training Corp/Alliance. Come take a closer look at who and what we are as we do just about everything in EVE.

Hope to see ya in space,

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(Jonsa Sargentor) #4

Hey man, what TZ are you ?

I run a null sec corp that operation in Drone Space and we’re just launching a profit share for the ore we all mine. Should work very well and pay members back above Jita price - great when the rocks are so good out here and the boosts are excellent !

Be a part of proper industry and come build some big toys ?

(Apollo North) #5

I represent a low sec industry corp, and would love to talk to you further. Please mail me in game at your earliest convenience.

(BearThatCares) #6

Hey Shearer!

(Marie Kaster) #7

Hello, Nocturnal Reconnaissance and Manufacturing is a highsec based mining and industry corp currently looking for new members. We’re US/EU TZ based. If you’d like to know more please message me here or in game. I look forward to speaking with you!

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