Unemployed? New Eden Job Department can help

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Hello Fellow Pilots of New Eden,

My name is Bukandara, I am a recruiting specialist for the New Eden Job Department. WE focus on helping recruits navigate the treacherous waters of Enlistment into a Corporation.

Our clients are Currently looking for the Following Pilots.

New Pilots fresh to New Eden. ( Alphas Welcome)

Veterans of WH Space, C1 or C3.

Industrial Veterans. Specifically Invention.

Our services are free for Pilots looking for a corporation. You may Convo me anytime In game, or by EVEMail

If you are a Recruiter, you are free to contact us for recruitment pricing. Please EVEMail your information and I will be in touch as soon as can.

NEJD makes every attempt to full fill its contractual obligations to each corporation. We are an Independent entity and our only goal is focusing on helping recruits locate the perfect corp. We are not interested in the politics of Eve, only recruitment and placement.

As always Fly safe

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I still have open contracts for the above Pilots,

As well as an opening for any CEO’s looking to merge with a larger Corporation. Please contact me for details.

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We still have Corporations Looking for members,

Make it easier on yourself and have One conversation. We’ll show you the best fit for you! Our service is FREE for those looking for a corporation!

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I have added a new contract for the following,

Currently Seeking Industrial Pilots for Wormhole Space.

Offering Ships and Equipment inside the Wormhole.

Ore buyback stands currently at 1% Above jita. (Some restrictions may apply)

Seeking PVP Pilots looking for Null and Low sec.
relaxed corp with a goal of just having a good time.

If you are still seeking a corp, evemail me what you are looking for and I can forward you a list of Corporations matching your needs.


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