Zen Corporation Group needs pilots

Zen Corporation Group is a new Fresh Corporation seeking Veterans and new bros to create a strong industrial power and mostly to have a mixte culture
of Veterans and new pilots where is the atmosphere is healthy and fun between the members.
My Goal of creating this corp and engaging on this activity is to improve Pilots in how to play the game while helping experienced players reaching there goals and the cycle goes on and on.
We welcome all activities from mining To trading and PVPing
I know there is some elite PVPier out there tired of politics. I tell them pilots like you inspire new pilots to enjoy eve and put new expectation everyday in there game.
i am not gonna mention what we offer but one thing for sure is i will go out of my way to build and provide what you need to excel more and enjoy more the game and to make this corp shine

This corp will not tell you what to do but please the goal is to play as a group . be there when a corp mate need you and vice versa and you will see how the bond between members grow

And Remember i just started this corporation as one player but a fruitful tree always starts with one seed and it makes it the most solid tree

I promise you guys i was just having coffee when i was writing this lol

Corporation : Zen Corporation Group
Recruiter and CEO : Nicole Kashuken

I hope will see you soon

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