Coming Back Pilot looking for Corp

Hey there,

Im coming back to the game since probably 5 years of brake and im a little bit lost so if somebody is looking for a new Pilot in his corp let me know.

Im from Germany though i can handle english pretty well, i was kinda skilling myself to be a kind of allrounder with basic mining exp and combat exp though have yet to be in 0.0 systems lowest i was were 0,3 systems. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hear from you
Best Regards


Hey Guys

Thx for the fast response on everybody allready found a Corp.
Hope to see ingame!

Best regards :wink:

Well, you might like to try our concept, have a look at the add ;o) Can easely say we are not that big so you’ll be a 100% part involved in the whole thing from the core ;o) Here is us… Looking for a meaningful purpose? - New Eden Police Force

Send me a mail ingame if you want and lets have a talk se what yah think. ttys m8, Enjoy ;o)

Hi Cario
Perhaps look at Stratotech Industries. We are a small, mature Null sec Corp that is currently open for new memberships. We are looking for Industrial based players and PvP pilots for small gang and Alliance fleet ops.
The Alliance we are part of is quite relaxed but professional and is online 24/7
The Corp itself is mainly EUtz
Look us up in game or join Stratotech Recruitment channel.
Fyr Cassell

Hey Cario, I read your post, take a look at my recruitment thread as it may be something you want to be part of! Not sure if you found a corp or not, if you have this may tempt you away!


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