206th Military Division looking for leaders!

Hey All,

206th is a newly forming corporation that is new pilot focused. We aim to serve the new pilot community by helping them get into mission running and faction warfare.

What I need are some pilots who are established eve players who would like to help this corporation form and get lifted off. We need people who can help new players learn mechanics, mission running, and small gang PVP.

What we have is SRP, LP buyback, training programs, and free ships. As time goes on we will start producing ships and equipment for corporation use.

What we don’t need is people who are a-holes, impatient, bossy, etc. Also, not really looking for miners.

What to do? Contact me in-game, on channel 206.Recruit, or evemail. Soon to come is Discord and an Auth page.


Good morning New Eden, still looking!

Hey, plenty of spots open still

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