🔥 Minmatar Fleet Alliance - PvP | Capitals | Target Rich Environment


Minmatar Fleet Alliance is a content-driven alliance with a strong industrial backbone. After dominating the southern warzone in faction warfare, we are turning our eye towards fighting heavily outnumbered in Providence.

  • Endless content (24/7 solo content, daily small gangs, frequent mid/large scale content)
  • Excellent income opportunities (100m/hr+ for new players, 500m/hr+ for veterans)
  • Escalations (lowsec fights often escalate, leading to fun with various big toys)

We are a group of wholesome capsuleers that bring humor and fun to everything to do. We’re not afraid to undock, feed and improve, which is why we always win in the end.


  • Sense of humor
  • Basic foundation of skills for combat (Magic 14, T2 medium guns, spaceship command)
  • Align with our values
  • Lack of braincells (requirement to have the balls to shoot SNUFF/BIGAB)

Recruitment Process

  1. Join our Discord, introduce yourself
  2. Apply in-game with your characters
  3. Allow us time to review your characters and get to know you, and then come shoot spaceships!

Feel free to mail BearThatCares in-game if you have any questions.


Join some of the best and diverse pvp in the game!

This is where its at! Great content and room for more!


Want solo pvp? Want small gang pvp? Want 50 man fleets? Want to kill a dread? YOU can have all of this in Faction War. FW has the best pvp in the game. Literally log into Auga right now and join a fleet. No waiting in a station for something to happen. No forming only to be told to stand down. No scanning for hours to find… nothing. FW is action packed 24/7.

Just returning to Eve? Or have you been around for a while and not getting enough action? FW won’t disappoint.

Hello, do you guys take new players? I’m currently running missions in Minmatar and enjoy playing the enforcer type combat roles. DO you still get to do NPC type missions or is it all pvp all the time?

We do! FW is very accessible with a wide range of activities, it’s not all PP.


Great people to run with!


Best PVP action in the game

The hype is real! Join now and let’s shoot some Amarr and make some isk.

Everyday has tons of content and this weekend has been a blast!

Tired of your current situation and want to give something new a try? Faction Warfare let’s you find most types of content you’re looking for every time you log in. Solo, Small Gang, Fleet - it’s all here! The best part is you can make decent isk while you pvp! Stop by our discord today!

Another weekend of great content is coming up! Fleets of all sizes will be ran. Join now and enjoy the fun!!

Discord link expired

Fixed thanks!