Minmatar Faction Warfare Corp is Recruiting. Low Sec and Null. Good corp history that fits the meta. Read about it here

o7, all. Ushra Khan is open to recruiting players from Australia or SEAsia time zones. Canadian as well. We’re looking for synergy between these time zones, which means more fun and fleeting up.

Good Faction Warfare and Industry that relates to the meta narrative around the Alliance’s lore and history.

Read more about it here : unity-eve.org (unity-eve.org)

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I’d recommend searching for the TRIAD AGENCY channel in-game if you’re looking for a corp to start in try T.R.I.A.D. And search for VOICES U’K if you want to speak with the alliance.

You can make a decent pvp fit for about 25 million ISK with the Firetail. We will show you how.

You want drone warfare? We’ve got you. Brawl in a Tristan.
I’ve seen starter fits for as low as 10 million ISK.

Your aim should be to practice in the corp’s ship fits. And try to win as many as you can. You can only do that by losing some ships. And that’s where industry comes in.

Join mining fleets or start one of your own. You’ll need to skill up for this Porpoise. And one of our fits would cost you around 150 million ISK. Save up for it.

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War History (2004 to 2020)

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Mining in null. Nothing on local.

Joining Ushra’Khan was the best decision I ever made. As an alliance it is the perfect balance between a tight-knit family like community and strong pvp ability.

Plus being the oldest alliance in the game has enormous benefits in terms of history and lore.

Would be awesome to see more players from Australia or SEAsia timezones to bolster our UNITY.

U’K 4 life.

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