Join Minmatar Faction Warfare!

Tired of getting bubble camped in M2?
Wondering what the world is like beyond the asteroid belts in 0.7 space?
Are you wanting constant PvP opportunities no matter the time?

Minmatar Faction Warfare space might be for you!
~ Full Time Zone coverage (AU, EU, US)
~ Daily fleets, fights, and explosions!
~ Many opportunities for isk making
~ Newbro friendly fleets and learning experiences

List of several Minmatar Faction Warfare Alliances

Wild Geese ~ US/AU TZ
Contact Recruiters

  • Behezemoth Az-feth
  • Niluso
  • KiithSoban
  • Andiedeath
  • Firebon Orlenard

Ushra’Khan ~ EU/US TZ (RP Focus)
Contact Recruiters

  • Xaar
  • Kaver Linkovir
  • StarCasher
  • Pol Macsliebh

Smile n’ Wave ~ RU TZ
Contact Recruiters

  • Tom488
  • White Drop
  • PlutoniuM86

Electus Matari ~ EU/US TZ (RP Focus)
Contact Recruiters

  • Debes Sparre
  • Elsebeth Rhiannon

Villore Accords ~ US TZ
Contact Recruiters

  • Gori Thane
  • Rush YYZ
  • Julianus Soter

To talk directly to any of these recruiters, join the Minmatar Faction Warfare Discord:


3 years in Ushra’khan, best decision I made!

Join Minmatar Militia today!

We come for our people!

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