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26 mil skill miner/pver-ish/explorer player returning from a loong break. I’m looking for a Low-sec mining/indy corp where I can mine away and build all the things and re-learn Eve. I’ve never lived in LS which is why I’m looking there. Good PI would be a big plus. If PI is good i can bring my alts into the corp and set up shop. I’m down for PvP (though I have little exp in it) and pretty much anything else Eve can offer. The corp running their own system would also be a plus. Thanks for every ones time :slight_smile:

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hey, were not quite there yet but were working towards a low sec pocket thats very fruitful.

send me a message in game for more info.

Call Martin Lockheart for a good time

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While we’re not Low or Null, we may have something you’re looking for!

We have all the moon rock you can shake a stick at, and plenty more to keep you active :slight_smile: We are a growing group of friends looking for more odd folk like me laughs.

Everything from Mining to Wormhole diving, Mission running, to attempts at PvP, Industry and trading… We go for all of it!

Come and contact me in game, or hit up our chat channel “Club Zer0 Pub” chat, and see what we have to offer.

Fly safe!

Khadria Ulutek

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Would roleplay be something of interest or consideration?

we are a high sec corp looking for new and returning players were industrial based with other focuses come to Renegades-Rec



And your sure your not interested in wormhole space?

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