Returning EUTZ player looking for Mining/Indy Corp

Hey all,

Returning off and on player from the EUTZ (33m SP but still consider myself a noob due to being out of the loop for so long). Looking for a laid back/grown up indy/mining corp with some missions and adventures thrown in along the way, no pressures or anything, RL comes first etc. Own my own Hulk, Retriever & Orca so fairly flexible in what I do (just may need a little coaching).

Thanks in advance!

Fly Safe o7

EDIT: Found a corp. Closing post!

Hey o7

We are always looking for miners, and like to think we’re pretty chill.

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Hello mate, wellcome back to the game again.

I got a question for you:
Would you be interested in roleplay and consider to take part of it?

@iLLuZiown3dil mail you dude

Hey all,

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. I very much appreciate it!

@Silver_Adara - An interesting corp ad I have to admit! Certainly a tempting offer although I’m a little of put off being a nullsec corp. Personally I’ve only ever lived in high sec so it would be a bit of a jump for me.
@Tryme_Trymsson - Thanks for the welcome back, really appreciate it! I will admit I’m not a roleplayer and it’s not something I personally enjoy but it’s interesting to know there are RP corps out there! Thanks for your time.
@Sato_Kixx - Responding to your evemail now!

I’m currently still recruit-able but will update this post to say otherwise should that change.

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ive sent you a eve mail if your interested

Hey @Rex_Dreki! I’ve replied to your mail.

I’m no longer recruit-able so I’m calling this post closed. Thanks everyone for your time!

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