Club Zer0 is recruiting! Alphas & Omega n00bs preferred!

Hey there, fellow capsuleers! Club Zer0 is looking for you!

Club Zer0 is focused on turning Alpha players into Omega players. It’s good for us, but mostly it’s good for the game. We welcome all Alphas into our fold and our goal is to ensure you have a great experience playing the game instead of being lost and quitting after a couple of weeks.

We’re also looking for new and experienced Omega pilots, especially returning vets, to come and join us in building a new legacy. You should be willing to share your experience.

We prefer quality over quantity.
We want people that genuinely enjoy the New Eden cluster and socializing with other capsuleers in a laid-back environment. We want to help Alpha players turn into Omega players and help them find their path in the game.

What are we looking for?

  • Pilots who are willing to relocate to the Essence Region
  • New players and Alpha clones welcome
  • Be active & friendly
  • Would like to earn ISK as a team
  • Wants rewards for loyalty to the corporation
  • Want to work as a team towards mutually decided goals - this isn’t a single-player game

Current leadership positions available:

  • Corporation Recruiter
  • New Member Onboarding Mentors
  • Corporation Diplomatic Wing

We offer the following:

  • Regular Mining Fleets: Full boosts, ISK paid for mined ore, equal shares for Alphas
  • Regular PVE Fleets: Level 4 missions & other PVE
  • Corp Buyback Programs: Easily sell or buy Ore, PI, and Salvage.
  • Alliance Website, Forums, Discord.
  • Occasional small gang PvP in J-Space + Low Sec
  • Team PvP Basic Training on the Singularity Server (Learn to PvP as a team at no risk to learn the tactics that work best for you!)
  • A friendly, mature, experienced, and helpful team from around the globe.
  • Promotion Opportunities: As we grow, we want you to grow with us. This corporation rewards it’s members and supports those who wish to help the corp.

NOTE: You will not get an instant position in this corp based on SP or Vet status alone. You will have to earn your spot and our trust. Period. (You can also pay me a retainer fee of 150 billion ISK and I’ll be happy to make you a director. :rofl:)

  • Goals: We want to work on goals as a team. We want to mine and manufacture as a team. We want to fight like a team. We want your goals to be our goals and vice versa.

Our end goal is that every pilot who joins Club Zer0 is having fun, learning to play EVE the way they want, and finding out that working together as a team is the way to go in EVE.

Interested in Joining?

We currently operate mostly in the US TZ, but our UK presence is growing. We want people from everywhere in the world.

Join our in-game channel “Club Zer0 Pub Chat,” jump on our Discord, or send us a mail. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Angus Thermopollye - CEO, Club Zer0 [CZ0]

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Still looking for players that don’t mind the fact that I sometimes forget to warp the rest of the fleet because I’m high.

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We’ve had a couple of pretty chill people join up and made some local friends in our area that has really paid off. We’re still looking for people of all stripes that want to work with a laid back corp and be social.

We’re looking for quality, not quantity. If that sounds like it might be up your alley, hit us up.

Still looking for a few laid back souls who want to occasionally dive into wormholes and lose ships.

I have not played in a few years (about 7) interested in getting back in.

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Welcome back, @Mareel_2. I’ll try to get into contact with you in-game. Talk soon!

Would returning veterans get a startup promotion? Like an instant promotion of some sort because of experience

Titles maybe but not access to corp assets. Everyone earns their place in our corporation, regardless of whether they’re a veteran player or not.

Quite a shame, not even an accelerated promotion?

As I said, everyone earns their place in this corporation, regardless of whether they’re a veteran player or not.

We’d love to see some more activity in corp chat. We’ve made some friends, made an alliance, and we’d love to have you in our corp if you’re a casual player, a new bro, a returning vet, or just someone looking for a change.

Hit us up.

Looking for a corp to chill with instead of feeling like you have a second job? Do you want to enjoy your time in Eve instead of feeling like a peon working some elitist ruling class of bittervets? Give us a shot. We’d love to have a chat with you and see if we’re the right corporation for you.

If you’re having a hard time picking a corporation, I’d suggest checking out this post by @NightCrawler_85. There are lots of helpful tips in there.

We’d really love to see more Alphas and new Omega players in the corp. We’ll help you earn some ISK, get you started, and eventually we’ll go drop into some WH tussles just for kicks.

We just need the right team to do it. Wanna be part of that team? Discord / Club Zer0 Website

Hi, I’m interested in the corporation. How do I join?

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Hey there, Rudolf. I responded to you in-game. Hope to hear from you soon. :slight_smile:

FYI: My corp and Club Zer0 are recruiting the same type of people, and I can tell you that these Club Zer0 folk are very good, give them serious consideration.


We love our Alphas and we want you to invest in the game enough to jump to Omega status. Our alpha recruits make ISK from day one, far above what they would on their own. Come check us out and learn why we love EVE.

Thought I’d throw my two ISK in… New recruit here, and can say that they are a pretty chill bunch. Helpful, informative, and true to their above statements.

From where I’m sitting, they (guess I should say “we” now) have a solid foundation to become something great. Come and join the good times :slight_smile:


Just a quick update:

We’ve had some quality candidates come in as our Alpha Surge grows.

I’d just like to point out for the Alphas that our intention isn’t necessarily for you to stay with our organization forever. We present you a place you can start making some decent ISK from day one and learn about the game. It gives you people you can talk with to find out tips and tricks you’ll need to succeed in Eve.

At the end of the day, we want you to find the playstyle that best suits you and turn you into an Omega pilot. If our corporation/alliance doesn’t fit that playstyle, I’ll personally help you find a good corporation to call your next home.

Our main goal is to get Alphas into the game we love, having fun, making some ISK, learning some stuff, and then, hopefully, becoming an Omega and embracing their Eve destiny.

If that sounds good, hit us up in-game.

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