Low sec corp looking for more members


Greetings Capsuleers ! This game is hard, but it doesn’t have to be !

Even if your sick of null and losing wars :rofl: we’ll still like to talk with you, even if your new and want to experience more of what eve has, maybe we have a home for you

We here at Dauntless Divergence have an open door for both new and experienced players !

We can offer the following:

1) Experienced players who can offer advice on what to train and provide customized ship fittings to players beginning the game.

2) A helping hand in this challenging game, whether you want to do PVP, Trade, Explore, Industry, WH, we can help. We have players from all walks of life that can help guide you into success!

We are a member of a very established low sec Alliance with buyback programs and large network of blues, so if moving into lowsec appeals to you, let us know and we’ll chat

if anyone took offense to the top part, relax, pull your faction torpedo out of your :peach:, reapply lube and reinsert… :rofl:

we are a mixture of EU and US TZ players, looking for more new or old players to grow

thank you to those that have expressed an interest so far, we are still accepting new members

Industrialists, mission runners, pvp’ers are more than welcome to join us, old or new players

Looking for players of all time zones

I sent you a mail ingame, i have some questions, i’m a returning player and looking a high sec options for now

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old or new, your experience level is irrelevant, still accepting applications

still accepting applictions and welcome to our new members

friendly weekend bump, still looking for more members

even if you’re a new player we are happy to chat with you, maybe we’ll be the home you’re looking for?

still looking for new or old players, if you want a change from the norm and just want to kick back and chill for a bit, let me know

growing at a steady rate and looking for more players old and new

now settling in, in low sec, joined an alliance and looking for more members, pvp’ers, pve’ers and industrialists we have something for everyone

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