Club Zer0 is recruiting! Alphas & Omega n00bs preferred!

More quality capsuleers have joined our cause from across the pond! While we’ve had a pretty strong USTZ team, we’ve been lacking on the UK front. This week, however, we got another Brit to keep our buddy @pulse1976 happy, and we got an AU boi!

We’d love to get more UK/AU peeps in corp, but we would also like to see people from all over give us a shout. We do speak English in the corp, but if your English isn’t that great, we also speak broken English if you want to practice.

If you’re an Alpha and looking for somewhere to get started, this is it. We’ll help you figure out what you want to do, you can ask us questions, and we’ll make sure you start making ISK immediately.

Give us a shout in-game or on discord.

Alliance Website , Forums , Discord

Friendly bump for a good group.


And welcome to our family, Keto :grin:.

We have some great people in our ranks! Come and check us out newbros, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Vets too, we might that home you’ve been searching for.

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where do you guys fly out of normally? im in Sinq Laison region along with most of my stuff, but am very interested in joining :slight_smile:


We’re right beside Sinq… We’re in Essence :slight_smile: . Shouldn’t be more than a few Jumps if you’re in the Dodixie area.

Hope to see you soon!

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