Seeking a corp for mining and industrial

As title says. Im on/ off player mostly due to no one to play with i have nearly everything mining maxed and processing minus any new updates from 2 yrs or so do have skills to run an orca, mostly at lvl4 i believe discord available and mic. Discord is Purah#8089 play times include evenings US East

Emberia Collective is Recruiting :slight_smile:

Ahoy there!

Friend, we are looking for someone like you!

We have an assortment of personalities, skills, activities, and all the space rocks you could point your mining lazors or drones at!

We enjoy a good laugh, dirty (and clean) jokes, industry, PvE missions, mining (all sorts of…) and generally having a good time at whatever we do. We may just be the breath of fresh air that you need!

Contact me, or hit our “Club Zer0 Pub chat” in game, we’ll chat and have a blast!

Khadria Ulutek

I can certainly use help :slight_smile:

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