Looking for corp Indy preferred

Been looking around for the past month for a corp and am starting to really figure out what i want to do. Have never done any Indy stuff in game and wanting to learn how it works and how to make isk doing it. Wanting to find a industry corp one that can help guide me in the right way and help me learn. I also enjoy doing missions as well prefer hi sec as well as USTZ. Would like an active corp as well i like to have people to talk to and ask questions too.

I have a toon that is all he does. Ive done t1, t2, t3 and Cap production all the way to Titans.

happy to help.

Come check us out.

Come and join us at Emberia Manufacturing!

We desperately need miners, new and old.

We will soon have, literally tomorrow, access to moon mining 7 days week and have corp buyback in place for instant isk. We can replace your barges too if you run into trouble.

We’re 7 jumps from trade hub too which is handy with freighter access if you require it.

We are predominantly EU right now as although we are recruiting any TZ.

Come join us in our disco server for a chat!

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